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By reading this article, you will receive a fair idea into what sort of rigor and tenacity we go through to bring you the top skin specialists in the city of Mumbai. We go through various different steps which take up to a month before we add a dermatologist to our network. It therefore means a lot to be derm-star approved.

How the search started

We were receiving many enquiries from the areas around BKC (Bandra Kurla complex), Kalina and Vakola where people were looking for a top dermatologist from us but were not able to travel as far as Andheri or Chembur.

This was in line with what our research tells us, that most clients are looking for their skin and hair treatments to be provided within a distance of 5 kms. 85% of the clientele across the clinics associated with us are from within a captive area of this distance.


As a client, it is also important to make sure that you are visiting a dermatologist who is nearby. This is because many treatments require multiple sessions. If your skin clinic is not close to you, it may reduce your motivation and punctuality in your treatment sessions.


This will definitely affect the results you achieve and we do not like that. We want all our clients to get the best results possible.

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The first steps we took

We started by making a list of the various dermatologists who are located in the area we were targeting. This is a relatively easy task because almost all skin doctors have an online presence nowadays. The first thing we do is sift through reviews and feedback from clients which are already available online. We filter out reviews that we feel are false or motivated to present the skin specialist in a good or bad light. We have our systems and checks for doing this with high levels of confidence. We look for certain telltale signs.


We settled in on 3 specialists to evaluate further to empanel one of them. Then started some more secondary research


Peer reviews

We give a lot of importance to peer reviews because it is a strong indicator of how good the results delivered by the skin specialist are. While clients look at multiple different aspects about the service received at a skin clinic, peers only look at competence and result orientation.


Within peer reviews, we also include the extent to which general physicians (family doctors) refer skin complications to the dermatologists. General physicians will not generally handle complaints from a specialty field like skin, especially the cases which are tougher to diagnose or treat.

These include hardcore medical cases such as cysts (which require dermato-surgery) or atypical skin lesions. Dermato-cosmetic cases such as those of hair loss treatment are also very commonly referred.


In case another doctor trusts a skin specialist to refer their own patients, it is usually a very good indicator that they have a lot of trust in the capabilities of the dermatologist.


We check with our existing network of doctors if the new specialists are trusted for referrals. After completing this step, we were left with only two skin specialists to evaluate.

We sought the educational background of the doctors

Education plays a large part in how good a dermatologist is, even before they start their private practice. At an educational institute where the internship during M.B.B.S (bachelor’s degree) and post-graduate education involves high levels of patient interaction; the doctor is more likely to be hands-on and better qualified.


This evaluation again requires mostly based on secondary research. Our advantage is that we already have a panel of highly reputed and qualified doctors on our evaluation panel.

This enables us to get such in-depth knowledge much quicker than anyone else. Dr. Nausheen Khan had an impeccable academic record from a reputed institute which narrowed down the search for us. She excelled at both her undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from DY Patil university.


She is also highly trained and has plenty of experience with aesthetic dermatology and injectables.

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Evaluation of treatments available

This is where the research gets more intense and requires us to visit the clinic. We evaluate whether the skin specialist, in this case Dr. Nausheen Khan has all the latest equipment required to provide the cutting-edge treatments that patients are looking out for. We visited the clinic, spoke to some existing clients and were completely satisfied that this criterion is a check-mark.


The clinic now has a Q-switch laser which is the gold standard for hyperpigmentation treatment among others. An effective IPL machine is available for Laser hair removal. Skin tightening treatment, other anti-aging treatments and laser resurfacing treatment for scars are all available.


This made us highly confident of adding Dr. Nausheen Khan as the top dermatologist in the vicinity because she already excelled above others in these core areas.

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Quality of staff and ethical approach

These are the final stages of checks we do and we treat them as qualification criteria. Without quality staff, a dermatologist is handicapped. This is because many treatments require the therapist to do an excellent job for delivery of results. Also, if the front-desk staff is not well trained, your overall experience will not be as fulfilling even if you get the right results.


Ethics is also a non-negotiable attribute when we are selecting a dermatologist to enroll with SkinGenious. We test this through a dummy set of questions from a potential client (us). The ethical standards at Dr. Nausheen’s practice were well beyond expectation..


SkinGenious Kurla (In partnership with Regenesis skn clinic) provides you the best dermatologist in the area as evaluated by our rigorous systems. The clinic offers all the latest treatments and the technologies required for them. We have installed our management systems at the clinic and provide all the support for future technology acquisition to ensure that Dr. Nausheen Khan’s clinic can provide you the best results along with the best customer experience.


We welcome Dr. Nausheen Khan to our family of elite dermatologists

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