The best lip fillers in Mumbai | Details and Prices of lip augmentation

The best lip fillers in Mumbai, with the city's top aesthetic dermatologists

At SkinGenious, we work with the top cosmetic dermatologists of the city, providing you a safe, luxurious and transparent environment for your lip fillers in Mumbai. Our results speak for themselves.

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Select the top aesthetic dermatologist in your vicinity. They are thoroughly vetted by SkinGenious for their expertise and experience in lip fillers.

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Cosmetology connect: Get on a video call with your lip filler specialist, in case you would like to do so. Get preliminary understanding.

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In-person consultation: Meet your skin specialist for a closer analysis and discussion over expectations and results.

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Get injected with the decided lip filler and see immediate results. You will have the perfect lips that you have always desired.

Lip augmentation with dermal fillers involves the use of hyaluronic acid in an injectable gel format. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is normally also present in the skin and helps in the retention of water. In the form of a lip filler injection, the gel like substance is designed to be inert and gets absorbed by the body after a long period of time.


With regards to your lip fillers in Mumbai, you can choose from among various brands and we will lay out for you, the various options and targeted improvements that you can look for. They vary slightly in prices, functionality and duration that they are expected to last for.

Your providers for lip fillers

Meet your lip augmentation experts, our partner dermatologists at SkinGenious. Your injectors are greatly experienced with lip fillers and also have a great sense of aesthetics.


No horror stories here, our experts have a minimum 95% satisfaction rate with their lip filler clients. We measure that by seeing how many of them come back for a second time to get their lip treatments.

The most commonly targeted concerns



You can’t blame anyone for wanting to look more glamorous. This is the most popular indication with which our younger clients visit us for lip augmentation with fillers. Here is an example of a young lady who wanted a better pout and sensual lips.

Correction of M-shaped lips:


Many of us are born with an m-shaped upper lip. There is nothing wrong with that, but some clients want it corrected because it could lead to issues like a gummy smile. You can see an example of correction by a SkinGenious dermatologist here.

Balancing the upper and lower lip:


When the upper and lower lip are not in harmony, it does become a cause of concern for many. Our clients often come looking for the right balance and what is often called the golden ratio. Here is an example where extra volume was added to the upper lip and it was balanced with the lower.

Hydration/Correction of smokers’ lips:


Hydrating lip filler products help with immediately increasing water retention and providing a healthy color. With smokers’ darkened lips, this shows as an instant lightening. We’ve added 2 photographs here, one where the filler has led to healthy coloration and another one where it helped lightening.

Correction of inverted lips:


A very common sign of aging, inversion happens gradually with the loss of connective tissue volume. Dermal fillers can help correct this and make the client lose years from their face. It’s a very subtle change, but has a drastic impact on overall appearance.

Correction of thin lips:


Thin lips are a concern for clients where they feel that it disbalances the harmony of their overall look. We have many clients who look for such correction. A great injector will help you gain the volume without losing your natural appearance. Here is an example of work done at SkinGenious.

The brands used for lip fillers in Mumbai

Juvederm Volift is a dermal filler from Allergan pharmaceuticals that is used by your dermatologist when the primary function desired is plumping and soft volume.


Duration it lasts: 12 months


Price per syringe injected at SkinGenious: ₹25000

Restylane Kysse from Galderma is a lip filler product that works great for reshaping and lift. It is a long-lasting product.


Duration it lasts: 12 months +


Price per syringe injected at SkinGenious: ₹25000

Juvederm Volbella works best when the targeted improvement requires mild volume and more hydration. You dermatologist will choose it accordingly.


Duration it lasts: 9-12 months


Price per syringe injected at SkinGenious: ₹25000

Juvederm UltraPlus XC is one of the older technologies from Juvederm, but it still works just fine. Provides significant volume and plumping


Duration it lasts: 12 months


Price per syringe injected at SkinGenious: ₹18000

Juvederm Volite is a low viscosity dermal filler product that is primarily used for hydration with low capability for addition of volume.

Duration it lasts: 6-9 months


Price per syringe injected at SkinGenious: ₹15000

Cost of lip fillers in Mumbai

Below is a summary of the cost per syringe of dermal filler for lip augmentation at SkinGenious:

Lip filler to be injected Price per syringe at SkinGenious
Juvederm VOLIFT ₹25000
Restylane Kysse ₹25000
Juvederm VOLBELLA ₹25000
Juvederm ULTRAPLUS XC ₹18000
Juvederm VOLITE ₹15000

When more than one syringe is required, the price per syringe comes down.

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Read on further for more details.



    What to expect

    When you are getting your lip fillers in Mumbai with SkinGenious, you are in the hands of one of the top aesthetic dermatologists of the city with vast experience with the procedure. Here are a few things you can expect regarding your lip augmentation treatment:

    • Duration of procedure: 30-60 minutes (including the application of numbing cream)
    • Pain expectation: The procedure is not painful, you will just feel mild pricks when the product is being injected.
    • Visualization of results: Immediate, with improvement over the next 48 hours as any related swelling comes down.
    • Risk & side effects: Mild bruising and swelling may occur in some cases, stoppage of smoking helps bring down this risk. In case bruising/ swelling do occur, they will resolve themselves over the next 48 hours. More severe side effects occur if the product enters a vessel, but our experts have not had a single adverse event.
    • Duration the effects last: 6-12 months, depending on the product injected and individual metabolism.

    Why select SkinGenious for your lip augmentation?

    As aesthetic practitioners, it is our duty to provide you the highest quality of care. Over years of experience, our partner dermatologists have realized how poorly done lip jobs can make faces look unnatural. This has an adverse psychological effect as well.


    Lips are a very delicate structure and cannot hold too much product. Neither should they be pricked repeatedly. Poorly performed lip fillers are hence a bane.


    As you can see from our results, our experts pay specific attention to certain details:

    • Creating natural looking lips
    • Avoid any over-filling with product
    • Focus on balancing and harmonizing the lips with each other and the rest of the facial features
    • Reshaping and lifting the lips, rather than just adding volume
    • Injecting in the correct planes to avoid migration of product
    • Maximizing results with minimum use of product.


    How much do lip fillers cost in India?

    The prices vary by city, but very marginally. The prices are derived from the cost of imported products that are injected. At SkinGenious Mumbai, the cost of lip fillers range between ₹15000-₹25000 per syringe

    Do lips feel lumpy after a filler injection?

    No, if done correctly, there will be no lumps. Our expert haven’t had a single case where this problem arose. There may be some swelling initially which can be felt as hardness, but this will automatically subside within 48 hours.

    Which is the best place to get my lip fillers in Mumbai?

    The best place to get your lip fillers in Mumbai is at SkinGenious. Our partner dermatologists are thoroughly vetted for their expertise and have zero adverse case reports. They have years of experience and hundreds of procedures under their belts.
    Our experts include:
    – Dr. Aakriti Mehra at Colaba
    – Dr. Pooja Chopra at Andheri
    – Dr. Bhavini Lodaya at Ghatkopar
    – Dr. Nausheen Khan at Kurla
    – Dr. Saumya Shetty at Chembur

    What are the side effects of lip fillers?

    There are no side effects of lip fillers apart from mild swelling and bruising in case they are injected correctly. Adverse events happen when the filler enters a blood vessel and they need immediate dissolution.
    Another potential adverse effect is the psychological trauma of getting a poorly done lip job. It is hence best to trust experienced injectors like we have at SkinGenious.

    Are lip fillers permanent?

    No, lip fillers last anywhere between 6-12 months depending on the product injected and normal metabolism of the individual. They can also be dissolved before their natural course if so desired.

    How long does lip augmentation with fillers take?

    The procedure takes a total of 30-60 minutes including the time taken for application of numbing cream to the injection site.

    Is the preliminary video consultation for my fillers free of charge?

    Yes, our dermatologist will help you make the correct choice over a video call. This is not chargeable. You will have to give us 3 preferred time slots and we will schedule the call at a time when our partner dermatologist is able to spare up to 30 minutes for the call from their schedule. This facility is only available for residents of Mumbai.

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