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Soumyendro Chatterjee

03 November 2020

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Rice water in skin care

Rice water in skin care

Update from Dr. Aakriti Mehra of SkinGenious Colaba 3/11/2020

Have you seen rice extract, rice water extract as an ingredient in any of your skincare products? If not, then you might soon! It’s become a trending topic recently, but has been used in Korea and Japan for centuries. Fermeneted rice water or rice wine is also quite popular for skincare!


Since rice wine in general originates in the eastern part of the world, most of the research around it has happened there. Which probably explains why it’s becoming a rage in the rest of the world only now!

How do these extracts help?


Rice water extracts are rich in vitamins among other ingredients… They help in building collagen which helps in anti-aging because we loose connective tissue as we age. It’s also a great antioxidant and research has also shown that it helps with pigmentation. Rice water has shown great effects when applied on your hair! Don’t worry if you can’t make and store rice water at home, look for the new age skin & haircare products that contain them!
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