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We usually ring in the new year with a big party followed by resolutions that we try to keep but often fail to do so! The facials listed here with inputs from two of our top dermatologists are chosen specifically to target both aspects. Helping you detox after the parties and helping you keep any resolutions that you made regarding your skin.

1. The advanced clean-up

The name here is quite self-explanatory. Purge yourself of impurities in your skin for a fresh start in the new year. The main aim of this facial is to help you get rid of the dead upper layer of skin along with the removal of comedones which are caused by impurities in deeper layers.


The facial starts with a regular cleanse using topical agents.


To help you get rid of the upper layer impurities, the technique used is also known as microdermabrasion. This involves the use of a machine, which has a hand-held probe with a crystal or diamond tip. The tip exfoliates the skin and removes all the dead skin cells. In the clinic set-up is is far more effective and thorough than any exfoliating agents you would use at home.


The lymphatic face massage that you receive after this doesn’t just help in drainage, it also loosens the comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) which make them easy to extract.


The comedones are then extracted using a machine based extraction probe to help you get rid of the impurities within.


Finally, you receive the application of a customized face mask and serum that will help you tackle any other specific concerns that you share with your dermatologist. In case you don’t have any specific choice, we would probably choose something that helps with hydration, given the dryness in winter months.


Priced at ₹3000 with SkinGenious, it’s quite a steal!

2. The carbon facial

This one is for you if you want a more thorough cleanse or have very oily skin. Unlike the advanced clean-up which involves 6 steps, this one involves 9 and takes up to an hour. Good time to catch a nap while your skin wakes up looking brighter, cleaner, de-pigmented and fresher too!


Apart from the regular cleansing, lymphatic massage and targeted serum application, the hero-step in this facial is the use of the Q-switch laser on liquid carbon.

woman taking the hollywood carbon laser facial which is a type of dermafacial at SkinGenious skin clinic in Mumbai


In this step, there is application of liquid carbon on your face. Carbon is a strong adsorbing agent. It attaches to the sebum and impurities in your pores. The Q-switch laser targets pigment. Carbon is pigmented. The laser therefore removes the carbon that has attached to the impurities and takes the impurities along with it.


The various ways in which this facial therefore helps you is:

  • It removes oil and impurities in your pores
  • Helps with pigmentation
  • Has a de-tanning effect
  • Brightening effect

At ₹5000 a session, it is better than the advanced clean-up in case these are the various concerns that you would want addressed.


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woman taking the elite hydrafacial which is a type of dermafacial at SkinGenious skin clinic in Mumbai

3. The hydrafacial

This facial was definitely making the list. If it’s January in this part of the world, it’s winters and that brings along with it dryness. The hydrafacial is perfect for dry skin as well as for dry weather.


Used along with AHA’s or BHA’s which help with multiple kinds of benefits like skin lightening, exfoliation, brightening and oil control, it helps your dermatologist also choose the kind of improvement they want to impart. It’s so popular for a very good reason!


The vacuum exfoliation and microjet infusion are the hero steps in this facial. The goodness of the ingredients are infused deep within your skin.


The one thing we can promise after this facial is that you will walk with your skin feeling softer and more supple than ever before.


It is priced at ₹5000 at SkinGenious and is definitely worth the money.

4. The vampire facial or Angel lift

This may sound intimidating and is known by two pretty opposite names, the vampire and the angel! Once you know what it is, you will understand why. It is on this list, is because it will help you with any resolutions that deal with being more youthful in 2021.


The facial uses growth factors extracted from your own blood (How it got the name of vampire) which are then injected back into your skin, making you look younger (which tells you why its often called the angel lift).


5-10ml of your blood is drawn with a syringe and then centrifuged. What this does it settles down all the heavier cells and leaves behind something known as platelet rich plasma. The growth factors present in this PRP do wonders for you. They increase the blood supply which brings along with it other components that are good for your skin.


The various ways it helps include:

  • reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • providing a glow
  • increasing connective tissue activity giving your face a tighter appearance


It truly does take years off your face. Try it to believe it. The facial isn’t popular without reason.


Priced at ₹10,000 it doesn’t come cheap, but is definitely worth it.


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woman getting HIFU treatment in Mumbai

5. The HIFU youth facial

A special addition to our standard list of facials, we’ve developed this facial around the standard HIFU treatment. We now spice it up with a relaxing lymphatic massage and other pampering additions to make your experience more rewarding.


HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound and as the name suggests, it help with any new year resolutions that revolve around making sure that you look and feel younger in 2021.


While not going into the steps that are common across facials, we will again talk about the hero step that sets this facial apart from the others. It requires a special machine that has a hand-held probe to help with the results it promises.


The ultrasound waves emitted from the machine have a very targeted action of stimulating collagen growth in the deeper layers of the skin. Collagen is a type of connective tissue, or the tissue that holds everything together with your skin. Loss of connective tissue is one of the major causes of the signs of aging like saggy skin.


Generation of new collagen has a tightening effect on the skin that removes the sag that we become used to starting our 30’s. Well, you don’t need to live with it anymore. Here is a solution that really works.


The effects start showing about a month after the facial, but are long-term in nature. The beauty of the facial is that even one session helps you see visible results.


It is priced at ₹10,000, but who can put a price on youth?


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So go ahead and take your pick. We’d love to see you at one of our clinics for a deep cleanse or to help you with your skin resolutions for the new year 2021!


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