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Our skin tone is a function of the melanin present in our body naturally. Treatments to help with a change in melanin concentration or type come under the purview of skin whitening or skin lightening treatments in Mumbai.

Once you read more about the treatment for altering skin tone on this page, you may want to go for it yourself, under the expert guidance of a dermatologist at SkinGenious!


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Indications for skin whitening treatment

Do you want a lighter skin tone?

Do you want a natural glow?

There are generally two cases where people search for skin whitening or lightening. Both of these are cosmetic in nature.


One case is where there is excess melanogenesis (as a result of UV exposure or other reasons) which is visible as patches of pigmentation in specific areas like the cheeks or underarms. We cover that topic under pigmentation. Kindly visit our page on laser treatment for pigmentation in Mumbai to learn more about this indication.


On this page we discuss the full body skin whitening treatment with the use of glutathione in intravenous or oral forms to help with altering the skin tone uniformly across. With the help of modern medicine, this has now become a personal choice. However, we do not offer this treatment for everyone, read further to the section on the procedure to understand why our dermatologists screen ideal candidates for the treatment and only go ahead if they feel that your motivations for and expectations from the treatment, along with your medical profile are a correct match.

How the treatment works

We use glutathione injections to help you with skin whitening. Glutathione is a low molecular weight thiol-peptide that is also naturally present in the body. It is made up of 3 amino acids. Apart from its remarkable anti-oxidant properties, the discovery of its anti-pigment properties is what propelled the use of intravenous or oral glutathione as a skin whitening treatment. In Mumbai, our clinics offer this treatment after an evaluation of the candidate.


IV drip


Glutathione, normally present in the body performs many vital functions including:

  • As a powerful natural tool to dispose off free radicals
  • In the movement of amino acids across cell membranes.
  • It is in fact, one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants in the body and is available in food items like whey protein, tomatoes, avocados, oranges and many more.

The body normally has two types of melanin (pigment molecule which imparts skin color). These are eumelanin which has brown to black color, and pheomelanin which is in the yellow to red range. Glutathione basically helps in reducing the production of melanin as well as changing the type of melanin produced, to lighten the skin. The antioxidant properties help you with a natural ‘glow’.


For the skin whitening treatment to be effective, glutathione needs to enter the blood stream. The issue with oral glutathione is that the bioavailability is very low, which means that your natural digestion clears out most of the ‘good stuff’.

We hence prefer the intravenous route which enhances the entry of the molecule in the required areas, making the treatment effective.


The main ways in which glutathione helps in skin whitening are:

  • As a powerful anti-oxidant, it helps with a natural glow
  • It inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase which is required in the generation of the darker eumelanin
  • It acts as a catalyst to alter the route of melanin generation to change the type of melanin produced in the body naturally from eumelanin to pheomelanin, which is what imparts the lighter skin tone.*

A single session of IV glutathione is not enough to deliver drastic results and hence multiple sessions are often recommended at a gap of 1 week. There are studies that have been done on the skin lightening effects of glutathione, but they aren’t voluminous and hence the use of this skin whitening treatment is mainly based on empirical evidence, which is observation of visible change by practitioners.

It is effective and it is safe when performed by a trained aesthetic dermatologist. All the skin specialists at SkinGenious are highly trained and evaluated on their results delivered for the skin tone lightening treatment. They are the best in Mumbai.

*source of glutathione action: Glutathione as a skin whitening agent: Facts, myths, evidence


The first step in your skin whitening treatment in Mumbai is to meet your aesthetic dermatologist at the consultation. We suggest this, because as shared earlier, the treatment is mostly based on empirical evidence and scientific papers are still required in greater density. In some countries it has been around as a proven treatment for decades. Our specialists will provide the treatment for you when they feel that it will provide ideal results for you.


  • The glutathione is delivered intravenously.
  • It is therefore completely overseen by the skin specialist themselves.
  • The dosage used is 1200-2400 mg every week which will be decided by the specialist based on your body weight and requirement. We may use lesser dosage per session if you take 2 sessions every week.

After you and the dermatologist agree on the treatment plan, you simply need to take an intravenous administration of the glutathione solution. The dermatologist will make sure that the dosage is correct. After this, you need to repeat this skin lightening treatment every week. Up to 10 sessions may be required for long term results. These may be followed by maintenance sessions at longer gaps. Maintenance could also be on oral glutathione.


Results begin to show after 2-4 weeks of the first glutathione skin whitening treatment.


It is very important to do the treatment with a well trained aesthetic dermatologist with the right expertise since the dosage etc. needs to be correct for you. Your medical history also needs to be screened properly before going ahead.

woman smiling after taking a hydrafacial treatment

Targeted areas

The skin lightening treatment with IV glutathione targets the whole body and changes the skin tone across all areas. There is hence no specific target area , it is a full body treatment.

Cost of skin lightening treatment in Mumbai

The skin whitening treatment for full body involves the used of multiple sessions of intravenous glutathione for realistic results. As shared earlier, you may need up to 10 sessions at a gap of 1 week each to start with. Booking a package brings down the per session cost.

Treatment Single session price
I.V Glutathione for skin whitening ₹6500

Your providers for Skin lightening at SkinGenious Mumbai

At a SkinGenious skin clinic in Mumbai, your skin whitening treatment is delivered by one of the highest rated dermatologists in the city. We use the derm-star rating system to ensure that you trust yourself only in the hands of a top aesthetic cosmetologist with years of training and scores of happy clients.

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Benefits over other methods

The alternatives to IV glutathione for skin whitening include laser treatment for pigmentation, which we discuss on a separate page. There are also options of chemical peels and topical application of popular ingredients such as kojic acid, vitamin c and niacinamide. We discuss how the treatment we suggest is better for targeted results.

  • Laser treatments only act on patches of pigmentation. It can only help with reversal of excessive melanogenesis in specific areas. It is hence useful for a completely separate indication and should be used for pigmentation patches.
  • Chemical peels and topical ingredients have shown some efficacy in skin lightening. However, these methods act only at a certain depth. Also, they act only on the areas where applied, hence have a very localized action.

IV glutathione is therefore a superior method for achieving skin whitening in case that is the exact treatment that you are looking for.

Before and after picture

An example of change delivered with skin whitening treatment. People who have taken the treatment with SkinGenious have invariably been extremely happy with the results. One of the secrets of success is proper screening. Our partner dermatologists are some of the best in Mumbai and will be very honest. They will not ask you to go ahead with the treatment if they don’t feel that you will get desired results.

skin whitening treatment before and after results using intravenous Glutathione at SkinGenious Mumbai

Risk and side effects

There is a dearth of a large volume in scientific papers testing for the safety of IV glutathione treatment for skin whitening. It has however been used for years and there are papers which have noted that there are no risks that would disallow the usage.

It is permitted for use by the FDA for other applications, but the FDA does not comment on the efficacy our usage for skin whitening. However, as shared, patients have seen results over years and our partner dermatologists ask you to go ahead with the treatment only if they feel it would be effective for you.


The treatment may not be safe for individuals with deranged kidney function and we hence do not perform it without a normal kidney function test.


Most of the risks recorded in scientific studies are associated with incorrect dosage and risks of intravenous administration by untrained individuals.

  • Rashes on the skin have been reported in some cases
  • Abdominal pain has been reported in rare cases
  • In some cases, lightening is reported in patches but this normalizes over the course of the treatment.
  • Risks associated with intravenous administration such as using infected needles etc. exist only with unregulated setups.

However, we re-iterate that the side effects reported have been observed mostly when unregulated clinics provide the treatment in certain countries. It is completely safe in the hands of a trained dermatologists like your treating doctors at our clinics. We will ask you to go ahead only if the dermatologist feels that the treatment will be effective and safe for you.

What to expect

It is important for you to have realistic expectations when you are going in for any cosmetic treatment. Our specialists ask you to go ahead with the skin whitening treatment only if they feel that they can match your expectations.


  • The treatment should help you lighten the skin tone across your body and will also provide you a glow. You will require up to 10 sessions at a gap of 1 week each to see long term results.


  • You can start seeing results 2-4 weeks after your first session.


  • It may still not be completely permanent without maintenance.


  • A discussion with a skin specialist will help you understand the treatment and decide whether you want to go ahead or not.

Preparing for treatment

  1. The primary ascertainment that we make to choose ideal candidates is test for normal kidney function. We only go ahead with the treatment after a normal KFT.
  2. We do not perform this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  3. Apart from this you need to stop medications which contain: Gamma-L-glutamyl-L-cysteinylglycine, GSH, L-glutathione, or N-(N-L-gamma-glutamyl-L-cysteinyl) glycine. Our specialists will help you with this.

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    FAQs on skin whitening treatment in Mumbai

    How much does skin whitening treatment in Mumbai cost?

    A single session costs ₹6500. However a single session is not very effective. We hence recommend up to 10 sessions. A package of 10 sessions is ₹60,000 at SkinGenious

    What steps does this skin whitening treatment involve?

    The treatment uses intravenous glutathione in safe dosages as ascertained by our dermatologists. Doses are modified as per body weight and frequency of treatment. You may require the treatment either once or twice a week, with 10 continuous sessions for long term results.

    Is the skin whitening permanent?

    After a continuous regimen of up to 10 sessions, the treatment effects are long term, but you may require maintenance sessions at longer gaps after this as well.

    Is the treatment safe?

    Please read the profile of ideal candidates, risks and contraindications on our website by clicking here for details.

    Do you provide skin lightening treatment near me?

    Yes, in case you are in the city of Mumbai. We are located in Kurla, Andheri, Colaba, Ghatkopar and Chembur.

    How long before I can see the skin whitening treatment results?

    With the I.V Glutathione skin whitening treatment, you can expect to start seeing results 2-4 weeks after your first session.

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    The information provided on this page for the skin whitening treatment in only for education purposes. We do not recommend that anyone take the intravenous glutathione treatment prior to a proper consultation with, and supervision from a trained dermatologist.

    The skin whitening treatment is still being studied scientifically and there is a dearth of a large volume of scientific papers on its efficacy. The mechanism of action however has been studied and is sound.

    Do not go ahead with this skin whitening treatment in case:

    • You have deranged kidney function
    • Have been using other glutathione products

    The Skin whitening treatment will only be performed after a screening and evaluation and may not ne offered to all clients.