Laser treatments for skin in Mumbai

This section exclusively discusses conditions where the primary or gold standard line of treatment involves the use of laser machines. These conditions include hyperpigmentation, acne scars and tattoo removal

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woman's face with multiple pigment spots looking for hyperpigmentation laser treatment

Hyperpigmentation treatment


When there is increased concentration of melanin in certain spots, it leads to hyperpigmentation which usually appears as patches. We offer treatment with the Q-switch laser which is the gold standard treatment. Click for details.

acne scars 1 (1)

Acne scars treatment


Acne scars, or for that matter, any scar is caused by a breakage in connective tissue. Often, acne pores swell up and the wall around it breaks down. When the body re-forms connective tissue incorrectly, it leads to scars. Treated by laser re-surfacing. Click for details

q-switch laser being used on a man's arm for permanent tattoo removal

Tattoo removal


Tattoo Removal involves multiple sessions with the Q-switch laser to target the tattoo ink particles. Click for details.

Your treating dermatologists at SkinGenious

We have done the hard work in helping you choose your dermatology expert! We use the extensive Derm-star rating system and there are 60 parameters that go into building the Derm-star chart for your skin specialist. The best dermatologist in the area gets a 5/5 rating for that region and we partner with them. You just need to pick the skin specialist closest to you and can rest assured that they are a top dermatologist in Mumbai.

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    Treatments starting at ₹2500

    /treatment session
    • Full face hyperpigmentation session at ₹3000
    • Fractional Co2 laser resurfacing for face at ₹7000
    • Tattoo removal session starting at ₹3000

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