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We, at SkinGenious, are your dermatology experts. We offer under eye puffiness treatment in Mumbai under the guidance of  top dermatologists hand picked by us. We are a safe and effective choice for treatment of under eye bags. Transparency in prices is a given with us.

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What causes under eye bags?

Have you ever wondered why you see the puffy appearance under your eyes? Are you looking for a long term solution?

The causes of bags under the eyes include:

  • Fluid retention which could occur due to excess salt intake or even chronic diseases
  • Certain acute diseases such as conjunctivitis
  • Allergies
  • Heredity
  • Aging and related connective tissue loss etc.

The basic underlying mechanism is two fold. Retention of fluids in the area and the connective tissue in the area being loose and saggy leading to a longer term issue or persistent bags.

Once you read more about the treatment on this page, you will likely choose it yourself, under the expert guidance of a top dermatologist at SkinGenious!


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On this page, we do not discuss the treatment of medical conditions that lead to the presence of under eye puffiness. The main cause is salt retention, leading to water retention

The causes could include:

  • Aging and heredity
  • Eating too much salt
  • Allergies
  • Excessive crying
  • Not enough sleep
  • Smoking
  • Grave’s disease
  • Eye infections
  • Blocked tear troughs etc.

We simply discuss on this page the treatment for strengthening underlying connective tissue so that the visibility of under eye bags are not permanent or exacerbated.

This treatment will help improve the appearance of under eye puffiness as well as prevent further worsening.

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How it works

We discuss here, the RF treatment that helps reduce the appearance and permanence of under eye bags. The gold standard of treatment is a surgical blepharoplasty, but we do not provide surgical treatments at our clinics. The RF treatment is non-invasive and effective in tightening the skin in the under eye area which helps reduce the appearance of bags.


RF treatment involves the use of radiofrequency waves to help your body regenerate the connective tissue (collagen) that it has lost over the years. It generates heat under the layers of skin superficially and this action leads to your body reacting by generating more collagen in the superficial layers. This in turn helps tighten the structures below the skin and hence helps you lose the saggy appearance. In the case of RF, a single session is often not enough although you will start seeing results. You may need 3-6 sessions to see the desired levels of change. The treatment is delivered with the help of a hand-held device.


With the RF treatment, you may feel the generation of heat and this feeling could also be perceived as pain. A topical numbing cream is hence applied over the treatment area before the treatment starts.

The machine will be used after applying a gel over the treatment areas selected.


RF is delivered with a hand-held device connected to the machine. The device will be rolled over the target area in a specific pattern as required by the treatment to be effective. the procedure will take roughly 30-60 minutes after which the area will be cleaned and you will be good to go home.

There is absolutely no down-time involved. With the RF treatment you will see some immediate change which will improve over the course of the next three months. However, you may need to plan your next session over the next 7-10 days and may need a total of 3-6 sessions.

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Cost in Mumbai

The prices at our clinics of RF treatment for under eye bags is provided in the table below:

Treatment Price
RF under eye single session ₹ 2500
RF 3 sessions package ₹ 6000

Risks and side effects

The contraindications and reduction of risk profile involve:

  • If you do not smoke, it means your body has much better chances of generating more connective tissue and bruising lesser as well.
  • Avoiding blood thinners like aspirin will help further reduce the minimal chances of bruising or redness.
  • Avoid the treatments in pregnancy or during breastfeeding. There aren’t enough studies on the safety profile.

Your providers at SkinGenious Mumbai

At SkinGenious, your under eye puffiness treatment is provided by one of the highest rated dermatologists in the city. We use the derm-star system to ensure that we only bring you the best specialists.

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    What is the cost of under eye bags treatment in Mumbai?

    A single session of the RF treatment is priced at ₹2500. A package of 3 session is ₹6000

    Are chemical peels good for your skin?

    Yes, Chemical peels are performed by the dermatologist only when they feel that it will be beneficial for you. The type of peel chosen will depend on your indications, skin type and skin tone.

    Do you provide the best under eye bags treatment?

    The gold standard treatment for best possible results is a blepharoplasty which is a surgical intervention. We do not provide this surgical treatment. We provide the best non-invasive treatment for under eye puffiness which is the RF treatment.

    Can I see improvement after 1 session?

    Yes, you will see improvement, it will start immediately but full effect may take more than 2 weeks.

    Where is under-eye bags treatment available near me?

    In the city of Mumbai, we are located at 5 places, Andheri, Colaba, Chembur, Kurla and Ghatkopar. All SkinGenious clinics have the treatment available and you can choose the closest one.

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