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We are your trichology experts. We select only the top trichologists of the city through our derm-star system. We are a safe and effective choice for hair loss treatment in Mumbai. Transparency in prices is a given with us.

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What we offer

before after image showing results of platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP treatment) for hair regrowth

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy


involves extracting growth factors from your own blood and injecting them back in your scalp to promote hair regrowth. Click to read more.




This treatment involves the infusion of targeted external nutrients to stop hair loss and promote regrowth. Click to read more.

hair regrowth before and after, achieved with medications at skingenious



Medications can also help with treatment and hair fall and stimulating hair growth. Ingredients such as minoxidil and finesteride can do wonders. Click to read more.

Choose your trichologist

We have done the hard work in helping you choose your dermatology expert! We use the extensive Derm-star rating system and there are 60 parameters that go into building the Derm-star chart for your hair specialist. The best trichologist in the area gets a 5/5 rating for that region and we partner with them. You just need to pick the doctor closest to you and can rest assured that they are a top trichology expert in Mumbai.


Are you suffering from uncontrollable hair loss?

Do you want to regrow your hair without surgery?

Do you feel like you need to consult a hair expert for your issues?

Trichology, or the science of hair is the practicing domain of dermatologist doctors who are specialists for your skin, hair and nails. Hair loss, also known as alopecia could be due to various reasons and our specialists help you resolve it.


There are majorly two issues with which people visit a hair specialist looking for a trichologist.

  • To stop hair loss and preserve the hair that you currently have
  • To promote hair regrowth


While stoppage of hair loss can be very effectively tackled with medications as well, it is regrowth of hair without surgery for which treatments are an effective tool.

The major causes of hair loss are:

  • Heredity, which is seen as male pattern or female pattern baldness. This happens gradually and in predictable patterns in most cases. While males tend to have different patterns, female pattern baldness generally starts from the crown of the scalp
  • Telogen effluvium, which is a temporary form of hair loss that usually happens after a shock or a stressful/traumatic event.
  • Hormonal changes and medical conditions, which could occur due to pregnancy, menopause or thyroid issues
  • Some medications and supplements could have hair loss as a side effect
  • Traction alopecia is often caused by excessive hairstyling etc. which pulls the hair. Certain unscientific treatments at salons could also lead to hair fall

Plan your visit

Book your appointment to consult a top trichologist in Mumbai. Instant Confirmation




    We offer completely transparent pricing and can answer all detailed enquiries on price over a phone call or WhatApp chat as well.

    Treatments starting at ₹1500

    /treatment session
    • Consulting plus medications starting at ₹1500
    • Mesotherapy session at ₹3500
    • PRP session at ₹8500


    What hair loss treatments do your trichologists provide?

    At our clinics, we offer:
    – Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP)
    – Mesotherapy
    – Medications

    Where are your hair clinics located?

    We are located in Andheri, Kurla, Colaba and Chembur in Mumbai. We plan to add multiple locations in 2021

    Who is the best trichologist in Mumbai for my treatment?

    SkinGenious uses the derm-star rating system to evaluate and choose the best hair specialist in your vicinity. This is a mechanism where we evaluate multiple factors including institute of education, quality of staff, peer and client reviews for the trichology expert. You just need to choose the trichologist closest to you

    What is the cost of hair treatments?

    Medications start at ₹1500
    Treatments start at ₹3500

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