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If you are suffering from hair loss and are looking for a solution to help stop the loss of hair (hair preservation) and to help regrow the hair that you have lost, mesotherapy is one of the treatment options you can explore.


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There are majorly two issues with which people visit a hair specialist looking for Mesotherapy for hair.

  • To stop hair loss and preserve the hair that you currently have
  • To promote hair regrowth


The treatment is an effective tool in helping you with both conditions, but the results that can be achieved are variable and you can get an idea of how well it will work for you after a discussion with the doctor.

The major causes of hair loss are:

  • Heredity, which is seen as male pattern or female pattern baldness. This happens gradually and in predictable patterns in most cases. While males tend to have different patterns, female pattern baldness generally starts from the crown of the scalp
  • Telogen effluvium, which is a temporary form of hair loss that usually happens after a shock or a stressful/traumatic event.
  • Hormonal changes and medical conditions, which could occur due to pregnancy, menopause or thyroid issues
  • Some medications and supplements could have hair loss as a side effect
  • Traction alopecia is often caused by excessive hairstyling etc. which pulls the hair. Certain unscientific treatments at salons could also lead to hair fall


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How it works

The word mesotherapy comes from the fact that in this treatment we target the ‘mesoderm’, a middle layer of the skin. Hair follicles develop from the ectoderm and mesoderm so the principle is that injecting the right ingredients in this layer makes them more effective.


There is no specific formula of what gets injected in  the treatment and there are many variants available. However, at our clinics we use what our specialists have found to be the most effective, which is a mixture of certain peptides and vitamins and in some cases medications like finasteride and minoxidil.

Mesotherapy is not ideal for:

  • Late stage baldness
  • Complete baldness

The correct ingredients once injected in the right area lead to:

  • deliver nutrients to the hair
  • improve blood circulation and hence the delivery of growth factors

This in turn helps in the reactivation of dormant hair follicles and thereby is seen as regrowth of hair.


It works for both men and women. However, a single session will not provide desired results. You will need multiple sessions.


You can read more about the scientific tenacity of mesotherapy at the link to an IJDVL publication


The duration of a mesotherapy session can be anywhere between 30-60 minutes, including the time for application of the numbing cream.


As discussed in the previous section, the aim of this treatment is to deliver target nutrients to the mesoderm layer, which may be 1-4 mm deep in the skin. These can be delivered by:

  • An injection
  • Dermaroller
  • Microneedling


After your consultation, in case Mesotherapy is decided as the ideal treatment for your hair regrowth journey, the procedure is undertaken.


The steps in the treatment are:

  • A numbing cream is applied to the target area so that you do not feel the needle pricks
  • The correct ingredients are loaded and injected into the target area
  • You can then go home and make sure you follow the after care instructions

Results begin to show after 1-3 months.


The after care for the procedure involves:

  • Do not apply other medications for the next two days
  • Do not shampoo your hair on the day of the treatment
  • In case of pain at the injection site, take a regular anti-inflammatory like paracetamol.

Cost of hair mesotherapy in Mumbai

The prices for a single Mesotherapy session and package at SkinGenious are as mentioned below:

treatment price
Mesotherapy Hair session ₹3500
Package of 3 sessions of Mesotherapy ₹8500

Comparison to PRP treatment

Both the treatments work on early stages of hair loss. With PRP you are adding growth factors from within your own body which are not available in mesotherapy. Our specialists have however noticed that some candidates can get similar results even with mesotherapy.


Mesotherapy would therefore become the ideal choice in case:

  • You are an ideal candidate and the specialist feels that it could provide you desired results
  • You are averse to the idea of drawing your blood
  • Your budget for improvement is lower than that required for PRP treatment.

Risk and side effects

The risks associated with Mesotherapy are minimal. There are various studies that have shown the safety and efficacy of the treatment though studies are still going on. The possible risks involved are based on the fact that they arre an injectable and also possible side effects from the ingredients. These could include:

  • swelling at the injection site
  • rashes at the site
  • pain
  • bruising
  • you would also be made aware of the potential side effects of finasteride in case it is used.

These are easily avoidable in the hands of a well trained specialist which we guarantee you of at SkinGenious. In case they do occur, they are easily manageable.

Before and after picture

Change delivered by mesotherapy treatment

before and after of results with mesotherapy for hair in Mumbai

What to expect

It is important for you to have realistic expectations when you are going in for any cosmetic treatment.


Mesotherapy will not be helpful for you in case you are facing late stages of hair loss. Our providers will ask you to go ahead only if they expect you to get results.


Results will start visibly showing after 1 or 2 sessions of mesotherapy. It will help you preserve existing hair as well as help in the activation of dormant follicles, appearing as regrowth of hair.


You will have to repeat the procedure multiple times. Initially 6-8 sessions at regular interval followed by maintenance sessions every year may be required to keep your hair from falling again.

Preparing for treatment

To help avoid bruising or other reactions at the site of injection, it would be best to:

  • Stop smoking 2 weeks before the treatment
  • Stop taking aspirin or blood thinners or any non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (like brufen)
  • Not suggested if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Your providers at SkinGenious Mumbai

At a SkinGenious hair clinic in Mumbai, your Mesotherapy treatment is delivered by one of the highest rated trichologists in the city. We use the derm-star rating system to ensure that you trust yourself only in the hands of a top aesthetic cosmetologist with years of training and scores of happy clients.

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    How much does Mesotherapy for hair in Mumbai cost?

    A single session costs ₹3500 t our clinics. However a single session is not very effective. We hence recommend up a package. A package of 3 sessions is ₹8,500

    What does the treatment involve?

    The treatment involves injecting targeted nutrients into the mesoderm of your scalp to help activate dormant hair follicles.

    Is mesotherapy for hair regrowth permanent?

    No, in case you are facing hereditary hair loss, you may require maintenance sessions at reduced frequency. Medications may also be recommended to support the treatment.

    Is the treatment safe?

    Yes, the treatment is safe. The risk profile can be read on our web page.

    Is mesotherapy better than PRP?

    This is subjective as both treatments could help you with desired results. Mesotherapy may be better for you in case:
    – you have a fear of someone drawing your blood
    – your budget for improvement is lower than that required for PRP

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