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Hey, we all love discounts!



If you’ve reached this page, it’s probably because you were looking at a treatment that has high input costs (things we need to buy to help you with the treatment).


Although we can’t get them all the time, we do manage to negotiate discounts and deals with our suppliers from time to time. In case we are able to reduce the costs for ourselves, we are more than happy to pass on the benefits to you!


We can’t have these reductions as part of our price list because we really don’t know how much we can manage. Our price lists are therefore, based on the regular purchase costs (and we do make it a point to be reasonable and ethical).


If you want to know if a price reduction is possible for the treatment you desire, we need you to get in touch and find out.


There are two ways you can reach us:

Click the icon to message us on WhatsApp

Click the icon to give us a call

We’d love to hear from you and help you in achieving your hair and skin goals within your budget. We DO NOT share you personal data like the phone number you call or message from with any third party. You can also read the details in our privacy policy.