What kind of beauty services are provided by SkinGenious?

Apart from Haircuts, Manicures & Pedicures, SkinGenious provides the entire range of beauty services that traditional centers provide. This includes Facials, Hair removal (Lasers), Anti-aging treatments, under-eye treatments and additionally we are able to provide non-surgical aesthetic improvements like getting plumper lips like your favorite celebrity, shaping your nose, giving you a perfect jawline, a more defined chin etc.

Do you also provide Hair-Cuts?

No, we do not provide Haircuts, Manicures or Pedicures. We do provide treatments like permanent beard shaping though. We also provide hair regrowth treatments, semi-permanent blow-dry look with botox, hair maintenance treatments, Hairfall treatments & Laser Hair Reduction.

Why should I choose SkinGenious?

SkinGenious provides you beauty services that are customized for your skin, hair, aesthetic targets and budget. You could evolve from services provided by beauticians to services under the supervision of dermatologists.

Do the dermatologists perform every treatment themselves?

Dermatologists themselves perform the treatments that require years of training and knowledge of anatomy or medicine. For example, all consultations are done by the dermatologist since they need to aware of your skin while recommending a treatment and choosing the ingredients that will be used. They also perform the treatments like injectables or dermal fillers since these require the knowledge of anatomy. Medi-Facials etc. are carried out by trained therapists and not the dermatologist. However, the therapists use only those ingredients, steps and machines that are guided by the dermatologist after your consultation.

I have a very specific Aesthetic need that is not listed in your services. How do I find out about your price for it?

There are two options for this. You could either choose the “Get a custom Quote” option from our Menu and follow the steps listed there. OR, you could call our listed phone number where you can discuss your requirement and get a revert. Our calls are answered only by M.B.B.S doctors, so that they can understand the requirements correctly and recommend the correct next steps.

Are your treatments expensive?

Our treatments are actually more value for money than traditional beauty services. Examples of that can be seen below:
value for money 1

value for money 2

value for money 3

Where all are you located?

Currently we are located in Mumbai City with clinics at Andheri West, Chembur East & Marine Drive (opposite Girgaon Chowpatty) in South Mumbai.

When will your loyalty & Rewards Program start?

We plan to start the rewards and loyalty program in a few months (May 2020). Even if you have visited us before the start of the program, you will be accorded your points once the program starts. You will get back 5% of your spend as loyalty points and 10% of the first spend of anyone whom you have referred to us. The referral program will not be pro-rata. Initially, the redemption options will only be at the clinics, but we will add other partners over time.