Best anti aging treatments in Mumbai. Reverse the signs of aging

The age reversal treatments offered by SkinGenious Mumbai involve procedures that help you lose years from your face. At a SkinGenious partner clinic, your providers are the top skin specialist doctors (dermatologists) of Mumbai. We are transparent, we are the best at what we do and we are honest in delivering you the best anti aging solutions available. The results we deliver are real, no gimmicks.

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Treatment options

Before and after of HIFU skin tightening treatment in 34 year old male at SkinGenious Mumbai

Skin tightening treatment


This procedure involves the use of non-invasive methods. The two options available are the HIFU treatment and RF treatment. They act at different depth levels in the skin but both of them stimulate the growth of connective tissue to help you with tightening your skin. Click to read more.

dermal thread lift available at skingenious mumbai

Dermal thread lift for saggy skin


Dermal threads are made from biocompatible materials and are a non-surgical alternative for a face lift. The threads have tiny hooks that latch on to deeper layers of the skin and pull the face up. Don’t worry, they’re not as painful as they may sound. Click to read more.

Botox injections before and after picture showing crow's feet wrinkle reduction in a 34 year old male

Botox treatment


Botox is a brand name of Allergan. It is a type of botulinum protein molecule. This molecule relaxes muscles that cause wrinkles in your skin. These muscles hence loosen up with these injectables and you lose your wrinkles. Completely safe in the the hands of experts. Requires informed consent. Click to read more.

woman half old half young showing how loss of volumes causes signs of aging

Dermal fillers for Anti Aging


One of the major changes that happens in our face with age is the loss of volume. Fillers help in restoration of this volume in targeted areas, thereby helping you lose years from your face. Click to read more.

Your treating dermatologists at SkinGenious

We have done the hard work in helping you choose your skin expert! We use the extensive Derm-star rating system and there are 60 parameters that go into building the Derm-star chart for your cosmetologist. The best dermatologist in the area gets a 5/5 rating for that region and we partner with them. You just need to pick the skin specialist closest to you and can rest assured that they are a top anti aging expert in Mumbai.

Plan your visit

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    We offer completely transparent pricing and can answer all detailed enquiries on the treatments for anti aging over a phone call or WhatApp chat as well.

    Treatments starting at ₹5000

    /treatment session
    • Full face RF session at ₹5000
    • Full face HIFU session at ₹10,000
    • Full face Dermal threads at ₹30,000
    • Wrinkle reduction starting at ₹7500
    • Dermal fillers for anti aging starting at ₹15000

    Our Clinics

    Neat, modern, prime locations and the best anti aging expert in your area as the medical director

    Why select SkinGenious for anti aging?

    Thanks to our extensive Derm-star rating system, and the management processes we introduce at the clinics, there are some things that we completely assure you of:

    • Your skin specialist has more than 10 years of experience with amazing results delivered
    • Your doctor runs a highly ethical practice
    • Your specialist is highly trained in aesthetics and cosmetology treatments
    • Your dermatologist has graduated from a premium institution
    • Your skin doctor is thoroughly vetted by peers, other doctors and clients
    • The skin clinic is equipped with all the latest technology and gold standard anti aging treatments
    • The clinic provides a rewards and referral program
    • You have access to the Skin Gym customized skin care program
    • All of us, including your dermatologist and staff provide utmost privacy.
    • The skin clinic follows Gold standards in hygiene and sanitization

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    1. What anti aging treatment options are available?

      We offer:
      Skin tightening treatment
      Dermal thread lift
      Wrinkle reduction treatment
      Dermal fillers for anti aging
    2. What makes my face look aged?

      The basic changes that lead to you looking older are:
      -Loss of connective tissue volume, which leads to sagging skin as well as appearance of thinner lips and hollow spaces in your face.
      -appearance of wrinkles
    3. Who is the best dermatologist in Mumbai for anti aging treatment?

      SkinGenious uses the derm-star rating system to evaluate and choose the best dermatologist in your vicinity. This is a mechanism where we evaluate multiple factors including institute of education, quality of staff, peer and client reviews for the dermatologist. You just need to choose the skin specialist closest to you
    4. Are your anti aging treatments permanent?

      No, the treatments we offer are semi-permanent. The time for which the effects last depends on the treatment and you can read the details on our website.