Best dermatologist near me: How to select?

A short review of our derm-star rating system which is designed to help you answer the question- “who is the best dermatologist near me?”. We discuss here, the various factors with which we ensure that you only find the best skin specialists at a SkinGenious skin clinic.

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The Derm-star evaluation steps

We do a lot of hard work in ensuring that we only bring you the best skin specialists. We use the below steps for choosing the top dermatology expert in your area and you can use the same!

Step 1: We go through online client reviews

This is a step that you can follow yourself, relatively easily. There are multiple sources of reviews online. They give you a fair idea of what clients are saying about the dermatologist and their opinions on how good they are. The drawback is the control on false information since most reviews are open source and there can be incorrect information, both good and bad.
A deeper look would involve seeing the responses of the dermatologist to the reviews. Do they respond regularly? Are the responses polite? Have they informed people when they see a fake bad review? Have they solicited false positive reviews?

There are telltale factors which let you know these things. You just need to look deep enough. A good example to help sort through an incorrect positive review is to see the forced insertion of a keyword ( a common word that people search for online) in the review.

Another method is to see if the reviewer has provided feedback for multiple specialists from the same field. It indicates that it could be a ‘professional’ reviewer who may seek benefits for showing someone in a good OR bad light.

Finding a false negative review is relatively easier since the clinic or specialist would have usually marked that out themselves. Our research into client feedbacks found that suspected false reviews also tend to be shorter and non-descriptive beyond the keyword, but that is very subjective.

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Step 2: We seek peer reviews for the dermatologist

woman talking on the phone, seeking peer reviews for her dermatologist

There are some aspects of a practice including the result orientation of a dermatologist that are better understood by their peers rather than clients.
If other specialists and general physicians in the area trust a dermatologist, it is a strong indicator that you can too. Some questions that need to be answered here are if the dermatologist receives the most referrals from other medical practitioners.

If the nearby dermatologist does receive multiple referrals, it is a positive sign that other practitioners trust that skin specialist with delivering results for their patients.

If another doctor trusts your skin specialist, it gets easy to trust the fact that your specialist is one of the best. We simply track and trace this by talking to some doctors in the area.

We go through supplier reviews as well, since that also accounts for a lot. It tells you about the ability of the dermatology expert to invest in the latest and best technology for example.

Step 3: We evaluate the institute of medical education

This is a relatively easy one. Better medical colleges are more likely to churn out better doctors. We take a look at various factors including the public ranking of the medical institution , how hard it is to get into the medical school as well as the performance of your specialist at the college while choosing the best specialists.
We do this for both the school of under-graduation as well as post-graduation.

Another aspect that is looked at is the training in cosmetology or aesthetic dermatology. This field is not widely touched upon in traditional medical education but is very important when you are searching for the ‘best dermatologist near me’.
Specialists generally opt for different learning programs and professional bodies to stay abreast.

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Step 4: We understand the available machines and technology

golden cogs and gears which are part of a machine

In the practice of modern dermatology, technology and tools have become very important. Laser machines for example, are used in almost every aesthetic dermatology treatment and are a must have for the best dermatologist near you.
Even with the best of intentions and training, if your specialist does not have the latest tools at hand, they would not be able to deliver the best results possible.

It is however, very important to remember that man is more important than machine in the practice of dermatology. A great dermatologist can acquire the latest machines and deliver amazing results. An average specialist with the best of technology may not be able to do so.

Step 5: We evaluate the quality of staff

A skin clinic does not operate with just a dermatologist doctor. There are other staff members involved; the front desk staff and the therapists who assist the doctor in treatments.
A large part of your experience at a skin clinic depends on your interaction with these staff members. A great dermatologist makes sure that their staff is also well trained at their jobs.

Most of the treatments like laser hair removal and facials are performed by the therapist and the doctor only supervises and directs. The dermatologist will perform the treatment themselves only for very critical areas like your face.

If the staff is not well trained, it may not be a great thing for the client. You need to be assured that the staff is well trained and of a high quality. You can sieve through such information from online sources as well.

representation of 4 staff members at a skin clinic

Step 6: We test for ethical approach of your dermatologist

Last, but not the least, you should have a fair idea about the ethical nature of your specialist’s practice. A specialist cannot really be the best near you without this soft, yet critical factor being evaluated.
You can read through a plethora of online sources about the specialist to be able to take a rough idea on this aspect on your own.
We do it through our own methods which actually involves a visit to the specialist and seeking certain specific responses. We assess quite a few things in what we call the dummy-client visit. Some of the things we look out for are mentioned here.

Over-commitment on possible improvement of signs and symptoms is something that needs to be looked down upon. The promises made, the prices charged and delivery of results, all need to be consistent with what was initially discussed. We treat over-commitment as a strict no-go. We also expect to hear about clarity on prices, which are fair and in line with the industry.

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We have tried to make your life easy by doing the hard work for you. With a clinic partnered by SkinGenious, you can rest assured that you are visiting the top skin specialist in the area.

However, we have done the evaluation only to the best of our abilities. We encourage you to do research on your own and you can use our steps as a guideline! This is how we go about looking for the ‘best dermatologist near me’. You could also add on some further factors that you think are important and we would appreciate hearing from you if you do. We always look forward to improving our systems and processes.

The Derm-star chart

The next thing we do after collecting these troves of information is to try and represent it simply as a chart. Below shared is an example of a chart we prepared for a dermatologist:


The best dermatologist nearby in a given area gets a 5/5 derm-star rating and we partner with them as a SkinGenious skin clinic. We provide them with management systems and processes to make your experience as a client even better. We help in continuous upgradation and introducing the highest levels of transparency and clarity of pricing. We even make sure that the clinic has a loyalty and referral program to make your journey to perfect skin and hair even more rewarding!

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For which cities have you evaluated a dermatologist near me?

We have currently used our derm-star rating system in the city of Mumbai. We are constantly in the process of adding new areas under our evaluation.

How do peer reviews matter for a dermatologist near me?

Peer reviews are evaluations by other doctors and medical professionals. One good method of evaluating this is referrals. In case, for example, some good general physicians refer their patients for skin evaluations to a particular dermatologist, this is a good indicator to infer that other doctors trust the specialist. We use this indicator in our processes.

What are the machines that should be available with a dermatologist?

A good dermatologist near you should have:
1. A Q-switch laser machine
2. A diode/IPL laser machine for hair reduction
3. My have a fractional CO2 laser for resurfacing
4. RF/HIFU machine for skin tightening
5. Centrifuge and other machines required for PRP
6. Electrocautery machine
7. Hydra machine
8. Microdermabrasion as a separate machine or as an additional probe in one of the other machines.

What treatments are performed by therapists at the best dermatology clinic near me?

Some procedures that are performed by staff members of the dermatologist (albeit under supervision) include:
– Laser hair removal (apart from face)
– Hydrafacial
– Photofacial
– Microdermabrasion (apart from face)