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Laser treatments

This section exclusively discusses conditions where the primary or gold standard line of treatment involves the use of laser machines

woman's face with multiple pigment spots looking for hyperpigmentation laser treatment

Hyperpigmentation treatment


Hyperpigmentation is a condition where you have patches of skin that are darker than the surrounding areas. We help with the treatment of this condition. Melasma is a sub-type of pigmentation. We can treat this with lasers, chemical peels and medications.

acne scars 1 (1)

Acne scars treatment


Pitted or hypertrophied acne scars, or any scars for that matter, are treated with dermaroller treatment, microneedling RF treatment, fractional CO2 laser resurfacing and even fillers in some cases.

q-switch laser being used on a man's arm for permanent tattoo removal

Permanent tattoo Removal treatment


Permanent tattoo removal takes multiple sessions of treatment with the Q-switch laser to remove them with 70-90% efficacy. We help you with it.

Skin treatments

Elective treatments for skin conditions that may not be a medical emergency but improvement in outward symptoms is desired.

dark circles treatment for hollowness available at skingenious skin clinic available in Mumbai

Dark circles treatment


Dark circles treatment is done using different techniques depending on the indications. Vascular and pigmentary changes are dealt with lasers whereas dark circles caused by under eye hollowness are treated with dermal fillers.

woman taking a skin treatment at SkinGenious

Chemical peel treatment


We offer various different kinds of chemical peel treatments including TCA peel, glycolic acid peel, mandelic peel and lactic acid peel. Peels help with various different conditions including acne, acne scars, pigmentation and skin lightening.

woman smiling after taking a hydrafacial treatment

Hydrafacial and other Dermafacials


These are custom facials that are relaxing as well as beneficial. They are designed specifically by skin type and indications. The popular ones include the hydrafacial, carbon laser facial and laser photofacial.

woman's undereye area showing before after of under eye bags treatment

Under eye bags treatment


Bags under the eyes, mostly because of water retention, occur due to various causes. If caused by acute or chronic ailments, the underlying disease needs to be cured. However, the RF treatment to strengthen connective tissue helps reduce their appearance.


Treatments for your hair to help you control hair fall and promote hair regrowth

before after image showing results of platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP treatment) for hair regrowth

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP treatment)


Hair regrowth without surgery, achieved with the help of growth factors derived from your own blood. That is what PRP treatment is all about.




Hair regrowth without surgery, achieved with the help of external growth factors added in a targeted manner to the scalp.

hair regrowth before and after, achieved with medications and PRP treatment in a 47 year old female at skingenious


Anti aging treatments

Treatments to help you reverse the signs of aging so that you can look younger. No gimmicks, only real results.

Before and after of HIFU skin tightening treatment in 34 year old male at SkinGenious Mumbai

Skin tightening treatment


The HIFU treatment and RF treatment are powerful tools to hep the body regenerate lost connective tissue and hence help in reducing saggy skin and tightening the skin in target areas.

dermal thread lift available at skingenious mumbai

Dermal thread lift for saggy skin


Dermal threads are minimally invasive and are inserted under the skin to pull the connective tissue upward, hence providing a skin tightening effect.

Botox injections before and after picture showing crow's feet wrinkle reduction in a 34 year old male

Botox treatment for wrinkles


Botulinum protein injectables are provided to help relax mimetic muscles under the skin. This in turn provides a guaranteed method of losing wrinkles for 4-6 months.

woman half old half young showing how loss of volumes causes signs of aging

Dermal fillers for anti aging


Hyaluronic acid injectables to help add volume lost due to aging in specified target areas.


Treatments that help you enhance your beauty and outward appearance. We help you be the best version of yourself. These treatments do not involve any signs and symptoms that need to be improved. They are for personal aesthetics.

Woman holding her own photograph showing before after of cheek fillers and lip fillers cosmetology treatment by a top cosmetologist in Mumbai

Dermal fillers


Hyaluronic acid injectables used to add volume and contouring to get desired augmentation of facial features. Lip augmentation is the most common application. Jawline fillers also provide drastic results. The other applications include cheek fillers, nose fillers and chin fillers.

woman undergoing laser hair removal in the underarm area

Laser hair removal


The use of light at the right wavelengths to target the hair follicles in multiple phases of growth. It helps in permanent reduction of unwanted body hair. Most commonly targeted areas include the face, upper lip, underarms, arms, legs as well as full body laser hair removal.

woman's face showing that she has taken a skin whitening treatment and chin fillers

Skin whitening treatment


Full body skin tone lightening with the help of intravenous glutathione. It reduces the production of melanin and also changes the type of melanin produced to provide the desired results.

permanent beard shaping

Permanent beard shaping


Get a permanent beard line with the help of laser hair removal of unwanted facial hair. Get rid of the hassles of repeated grooming and shaving outlying beard areas.

Skin pathologies

Treatments for chronic skin diseases, acute skin diseases and skin infections using medications and other modalities



Cold sores







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