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What are corns?

Corns are hardened layers of skin which are caused by friction or pressure. They are therefore most commonly seen in the weight bearing areas of the body.


The skin becomes thickened and can also be painful when pressed.


The cause of corns include:

  • Repeated friction on the skin
  • constant pressure on the affected areas.

Signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of corns include:

  • elevated skin
  • pain on pressure
  • the area feels rough
  • occasionally associated with inflammation.

Is there a treatment available for corns?

The treatment involves debulking of the affected area and excission.

This is achieved by surgical methods.

How to avoid corns

Corns can be avoided by taking the following measures:

  • wearing proper footwear
  • wearing gloves while lifting weights at the gym
  • wearing corn tapes over predisposed areas

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