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We are your dermatology experts. We have state of the art clinics, at prime locations in Mumbai. Our skin & hair clinics have the latest technology, high standards of sanitization and are covid ready. We assure you of the highest quality in hair & skin care and the best dermatologists in the city as your treating doctor.

Skin clinic: When?

Do you want to look more attractive without surgery?

Do you want help with Anti-aging to look younger?

Do you have a skin rash or itch?

Do you have excessive hair loss and want a solution?


If you answered in the affirmative for any of these questions, you should visit a good skin clinic in Mumbai. Dermatology is the field which deals with the health & betterment of skin, hair and nails. Apart from just pathologies, dermatology clinics also help you with aesthetics and offer the latest treatments to help you with skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, augmentation of facial features without surgery, skin tone and pigmentation improvement, laser hair removal, skin maintenance and various other treatments with laser and other machines.

Choose your skin clinic

We ensure that our skin clinics are neat, modern and at prime locations in Mumbai. The clinics offer the latest technologies that deliver optimum results. We use the derm-star rating system to audit ourselves and make sure that you get only the best dermatology clinics with us. You also get the best dermatology expert in your area as the medical director

Plan your visit

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    Treatments we offer

    Our skin clinics have the latest technology and machines to help you with any issues of your skin, hair, nails and aesthetic requirements. We also ensure that you have the best dermatologist in your vicinity.

    Our dermatologists

    We have done the hard work in ensuring that you consult on the top dermatologist when you visit a SkinGenious skin and hair clinic! We use the extensive Derm-star rating system for selecting your skin specialist. The best dermatologist in the area gets a 5/5 rating for that region and we partner with them.

    5.0 rating

    Why select SkinGenious?

    Thanks to our extensive Derm-star rating system, and the management processes we introduce at the clinics, there are some things that we completely assure you of:

    • The skin clinic is equipped with all the latest technology and gold standard skin treatments
    • The clinic provides a rewards and referral program
    • You have access to the Skin Gym customized skin care program
    • All of us, including your dermatologist and staff provide utmost privacy.
    • The skin clinic follows Gold standards in hygiene and sanitization
    • Your skin specialist has more than 10 years of experience with amazing results delivered
    • Your doctor runs a highly ethical practice
    • Your specialist is highly trained in aesthetics and cosmetology treatments
    • Your dermatologist has graduated from a premium institution
    • Your skin doctor is thoroughly vetted by peers, other doctors and clients

    Before-After Pictures

    Some examples of results delivered by our expert dermatologists


    We offer completely transparent pricing and can answer all detailed enquiries on price over a phone call or WhatApp chat as well. Click the orange call button on your screen to learn more through a call or chat.

    Consultation charges starting at ₹500

    /(not charged when there is a treatment)
    • ₹500 at SkinGenious Chembur
    • ₹600 at SkinGenious Kurla
    • ₹1500 at SkinGenious Andheri
    • ₹1000 at SkinGenious Colaba
    • Treatment prices mentioned on Individual pages





    1. What machines should a good skin clinic near me have?

      A good dermatology clinic near you should have:
      1. A Q-switch laser machine
      2. A diode/IPL laser machine for hair reduction
      3. My have a fractional CO2 laser for scar correction etc.
      4. RF/HIFU machine for skin tightening
      5. Centrifuge and other machines required for PRP etc.
      6. Electrocautery machine
      7. Hydra machine
      8. Microdermabrasion machine as a separate machine or as an additional probe in one of the other machines.
      9. High quality injectable and dermal filler supplies.

    2. Should I trust my aesthetic needs at a skin clinic?

      Our outward appearance mainly involves our skin and hair. It therefore makes most sense to trust a dermatologist who is specialized to make sure that your skin & hair are the best that they can be.

    3. Which is the best skin clinic in Mumbai for my treatment?

      SkinGenious uses the derm-star rating system to ensure that you get the best skin clinic in your vicinity. This is a mechanism where we evaluate multiple factors including the availability of the latest technology, rating the staff to ensure that you have a good experience and also the proficiency of your skin specialist. You just need to choose the skin clinic closest to you.

    4. Do you have a skin clinic in Mumbai?

      Yes, every skin clinic has one of the top dermatologists in the city as the medical director. Currently, our clinics are located in Kurla, Andheri, Chembur and Colaba

    5. What skin pathologies are treated at a skin clinic?

      There are more than 3000 diseases for which the treating doctor required is a dermatologist. The details of the most common conditions are available on our website.

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