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man undergoing permanent beard shaping with laser machine

Permanent beard shaping with lasers is an increasingly popular method for men to avoid the hassles of precise grooming every day. It helps you maintain the professional and well-groomed look without having to do precision shaving. You just need to trim the length! Your beard will only grow in the pattern that you want. The first approvals for using lasers in cosmetology for hair removal were received in the 1990’s, after its efficacy was proven over decades long research. The technology has evolved to become more effective, consumer friendly and pain free since then.


The desire to shape your beard permanently is a completely cosmetic indication. Recurrent folliculitis could be a medical indication for this treatment as well.


With lasers, your hair line becomes permanently defined. It is basically the process of removing unwanted beard hair through laser hair removal.

A Client’s story

Mr. Pavandeep Singh



I had googled permanent beard shaping when I found these guys. I really thank SkinGenious for what they did for me. I lived in Colaba when I started my treatments with Dr. Aakriti. She was so helpful that I cannot express it in words. I ended up getting chest hair removal apart from beard shaping because those hairs bothered me too.


They are extremely flexible with scheduling appointments and the staff is also very helpful. Overall a very good experience and I also got the results I was promised. Keep up the good work.

How it works

Permanent beard shaping with lasers is a process of using light at the right wavelengths to target the color pigments in hair follicles (the root of the hair). The principle on which it works is known as selective photothermolysis, a fancy way of saying that the light selectively breaks cell structures of a specific color through generation of heat.


In the case of laser hair removal, these are basal stem cells that lead to hair growth from the follicle. This helps de-activate the follicles from future growth. When we say selective, it also means that the laser does not effect other structures around it, which includes the skin.

permanent beard shaping 4

beard shaping with lasers does not give desirable results in a single session. We must repeat the procedure multiple times to target hair follicles in different phases of growth. A total of 6-8 sessions are usually enough to permanently reduce hair growth.


The principle is universal for machines used across the globe and it doesn’t change if you are in the city of Mumbai.

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There are different kinds of laser machines that are used for beard hair removal. These include the ruby, alexandrite, Nd:YAG and diode laser machines. IPL (Intensed pulse light), which is technically not a laser is also used.

The two most popular methods in Mumbai are the Diode laser and IPL which are also used by our dermatologists. Both are effective on Indian skin tones with slight variations.

permanent beard shaping 3

Once you choose beard shaping at a SkinGenious skin clinic in Mumbai, a brief description of the steps that will be followed for laser hair removal procedure are:

  • The dermatologist will check the nature of your hair, the thickness, texture and color; since all these factors decide the level of results that you can achieve and also help the dermatologist decide the power and settings on the laser machine.
  • You enter the treatment room and your highly trained therapist takes over. Your desired beard line is marked to make sure that hair is removed only in the desired target areas.
  • The areas above and below the line are shaved to start with.
  • After the application of a gel, your beard shaping treatment starts with the settings as decided by your skin specialist. The therapist ensures that the coverage etc. are exactly as per the requirements to achieve best results.
  • Finally, the area will be cleaned and you will be ready to go home!
  • Re-visit for your next session depending on when hair growth appears again, which is usually 4-6 weeks between the first two sessions. After this, the gap at which you require the next session will gradually increase and by the 7th session, you should see long-term results! (It may take less than 7 sessions in many cases)
man undergoing permanent beard shaping with laser machine

Cost in Mumbai

The cost of laser hair removal depends on the size of the body area that is to be covered.

At SkinGenious, we recommend packages of 7 sessions so that you may receive realistic and long-term results. Our specialists will advise you in case you could see long-term results with lesser sessions & the price of the package will be reduced accordingly.

Beard Shaping ₹ 1500 ₹ 9000

Prices vary slightly depending on the area to be covered. Also, please note that since beard shaping involves the use of precision lasers on the face, at our clinics, most of the treatment involves treatment from the skin specialist themselves and it is not left to the therapist.

Your providers at SkinGenious Mumbai

At a SkinGenious skin clinic, your entire treatment of laser hair removal will be supervised by one of the highest rated dermatologists in the city. The importance of dermatologist supervision for laser hair removal is that the settings on the laser machine, the intensity and wavelength etc. need to be adjusted according to your specific hair type, hair color, hair density etc.

Real and effective long-term results can only be achieved if your specialist is able to adjust these correctly for you. By choosing a SkinGenious skin clinic, you would be in very good hands.

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    What to expect

    It is important for you to have realistic expectations when you are going in for any cosmetic treatment. It is the same with permanent beard shaping in Mumbai.


    Since hair in the beard region is generally darker and thicker, the results are usually very good. People with darker skin tones will take more time to see results. Results are not good with grey hair and your dermatologist may suggest that you not go for the treatment in case they feel that your hair too grey or pale to get results. Overall, you would see a 70-100% reduction in hair growth after laser hair removal.


    Even the hairs that do persist, would be much finer in nature and maintenance sessions at much longer gaps may be required for some people through life. It is still however, a method that saves you more time over traditional methods, considering the long gaps between maintenance sessions (if required).


    Between 2 sessions, you need to allow time for the hair to grow back so that the follicles can be targeted. Hence, you need to wait for 4-6 weeks between sessions and this time frame slightly increases as the sessions go on.


    After your sessions, you need to be careful about a couple of things. Look for signs of redness, irritation or changes in pigmentation. These are easily manageable and reversible, but you must inform your skin specialist for them to be able to do so. Please do not forget to apply sunscreen.



    Benefits over other methods

    The various benefits that permanent beard shaping with lasers offers over other traditional methods of hair removal include:

    • It shows long term effects
    • It is relatively painless
    • The cost over a life-time is lesser than shaving or shaping at a parlor
    • Lesser chances of complications in surrounding skin compared to shaving. You won’t get razor burns or in-grown hairs!
    • Supervised by a skin specialist so the risks are handled better

    Risk and side effects

    Permanent beard shaping with lasers does not generally have side effects. It is completely safe and a long-tested method. The machines used are USFDA approved. However, under rare circumstances it may lead to:

    • Inflammation & irritation: it may cause temporary redness & swelling, but even when they occur, they generally disappear within a few hours.
    • Skin Color changes: Laser hair removal may lead to lightening or darkening of the skin, but this is again very rare. The pigmentation changes may be temporary or long term.
    • Excessive hair growth around the treated area may happen again in rare cases.

    These are the reasons why you should ensure that you hair removal is performed only under the supervision of a really good skin specialist. They can ensure the minimization of these risks and also put you at ease regarding how to handle them, given the minimal chances that they do occur.

    Preparing for treatment

    There are no absolute lifestyle changes that you need to take before going ahead with permanent beard shaping with lasers. However, some things that would help with the avoidance of any unwanted side effects are:

    • no blood thinning supplements like aspiring to be taken for 2 weeks before a treatment session
    • no smoking means lesser chances of bruising etc.
    • check with your specialist if any of the products in your skin care routine can interfere with the treatment results.

    The most important thing is to not shave before you come for your treatment session. The hair needs to be visible.


    What is the cost of permanent beard shaping in Mumbai?

    ₹9000 is the cost of a package of 7 sessions for permanent beard shaping at a SkinGenious clinic. A single session is ₹1500, but we recommend a package so that your costs come down and you do get permanent results. The price of the package will come down in case the dermatologist feels that you may need lesser sessions.

    What are the side effects?

    Laser Hair removal for permanent beard shaping does not generally have side effects. It is completely safe and a long-tested method. The machines used are USFDA approved. However, under rare circumstances it may lead to:
    a)      Inflammation & irritation: it may cause temporary redness & swelling, but even when they occur, they generally disappear within a few hours.
    b)      Skin Color changes: Laser hair removal may lead to lightening or darkening of the skin, but this is again very rare. The pigmentation changes may be temporary or long term.
    Excessive hair growth around the treated area may happen again in rare cases.

    Is beard shaping with lasers always permanent?

    No, It varies from individual to individual. Although the results last for very long periods of time, it is not entirely permanent in all cases. The quality of hair that may re-grow after multiple sessions however, is much finer. Maintenance sessions may therefore be required, but due to the changed quality of hair, these require much less time and cost lesser.

    Is permanent beard shaping painful?

    No, with the latest technologies, Laser hair removal is no longer painful. You may just feel mild sensations.

    Do you provide permanent beard shaping near me?

    Yes, we provide you permanent beard shaping services with the best dermatologist near you. You can go through our network of clinics in Mumbai to see which one is nearest to you. We are currently present in Colaba, Andheri, Chembur, Ghatkopar & Kurla

    Will I get results if my beard is completely grey?

    No, the results are less likely to be satisfactory. Our dermatologist can tell you during the consultation if you are not an ideal candidate. They will suggest you to not go for the treatment in such a case.

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