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Getting a permanent tattoo is a way of expressing ourselves. They have been part of tribal traditions for centuries and are no less popular in modern times. The tattoo industry in India is said to be worth more than 3 billion dollars in 2021.


Most individuals get tattoos at a younger age. Here is a breakdown of the answers to the question “At what age did you get the permanent tattoo you are here to remove?” We asked a total of 20 clients.



Permanent tattoo removal with lasers come handy when we change our minds about our body ink at a later stage in life. Most tattoos are meant to be permanent. But thanks to modern science, they don’t have to be so long lasting any more.


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Indications: What is a tattoo

Tattoos are either

  • A form of voluntary body modification where inks, dyes or pigments are inserted into the dermis of the skin to create desired patterns that are permanent in nature, OR
  • Traumatic in nature, where colored substances such as asphalt or coal dust get rubbed into a wound leading to the same effect.


We can divide tattoos into five types:

  • Traumatic tattoos or natural tattoos that occur from colored substances entering into wounds
  • Amateur tattoos : done by individuals themselves or by friends, mostly by placing India ink under the skin with a pin
  • Professional tattoos: done by professionals using cultural methods or modern methods like a tattoo gun
  • Cosmetic tattoos: Used for permanent make-up such as eyebrows or eyeliners or even for covering up hypopigmented vitiligo patches
  • Medical tattoos: commonly made and used by physicians to delineate permanent landmarks for radiation therapy


womans leg with a colored professional tattoo


Out of these tattoo types, the toughest to remove are the traumatic tattoos because the pigments are highly dissipated and present across several layers of skin. Amateur tattoos are the easiest to remove with the best outcomes. Professional tattoos are also removed, but take a higher number of sessions.


The laser treatment targets the pigment molecules to break them down. Black and blue tattoos are the easiest to remove whereas yellow and green are the toughest, and removal may not give desired results with the latter two colors.

In case you have an unwanted permanent tattoo, are looking to remove it, and are located in the city of Mumbai, this page is for you.

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How the treatment works

The treatment could use different types of lasers, such as alexandrite or the q-switch Nd:YAG. At our clinics, we use the Q-switch laser method.

This treatment is considered the most effective for removal of permanent tattoos.

The Q-switch laser is a revolutionary technology used for the tattoo removal treatment. The name of the laser comes from the fact that this type of laser machine can produce a pulsed output beam which enables it to produce pulses of very high power.

The high pulse rate and high energy directly target the externally inserted pigments and break them down. They do not affect the surrounding normal cells. Once the pigment molecules are broken down, they are excreted by the body through normal metabolism. Our dermatologists will guide you properly on pre-care and after-care for this laser treatment. It is useful for deeper as well as superficial tattoos and hence provides quick and visible results.


You will require multiple sessions with this treatment. The tattoo will appear lighter in every subsequent session till maximum reversion is achieved. Professional tattoos could take anything between 5-10 sessions whereas amateur tattoos could be managed in 3-6 sessions. Reversion may not be 100% in all cases.

A ghost shadow of the tattoo will almost always continue to be visible, but can easily be covered with cosmetic products. You can see some examples in our before and after section


Like all our treatments, your tattoo removal treatment starts with meeting one of the top skin specialists in the city. The dermatologist will first evaluate the extent of the tattoo, and provide an estimate as to how much reversion is possible and the number of sessions it may require.

The steps in the procedure, after finalizing the treatment plan are:

  • Enter the treatment room
  • Clean-up of the face or any other targeted area
  • Wear protective goggles
  • The therapist (for other body areas) or the dermatologist (for face) will deliver energy pulses from the laser machine on the targeted areas.
  • Leave the treatment room, take the after-care guidelines and skin care prescription from your dermatologist.
  • Follow the after-care instructions very seriously.

The treatment generally lasts for 30-45 minutes for every session

(A short video describing the treatment and showing the procedure)


  • After the procedure, avoid using any products not prescribed by the specialist or without checking with them.
  • Avoid make-up on the day of the treatment in case treatment was on your face.
  • The most important after care requirement for all these procedures is to avoid sun exposure for a defined period of time. Apply the recommended sun screen diligently.
sunscreen for pigmentation

Targeted areas

There is no restriction in using on any body area (apart from the eyes). The treatment can be performed wherever the tattoo is present. The most common areas we come across are:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Ankle
  • Back
  • Chest

Cost of laser tattoo removal in Mumbai

The cost of the Q-switch laser treatment for tattoo removal depends on the size of the areas to be covered. The prices start as below:

Size Price per session
Small size tattoo removal (up to 4 square inches) ₹ 3000
Medium size tattoo removal (up to 12 square inches) ₹ 5000

Prices may come down when all the required sessions are booked together.

Risks and side effects

The possible side effects of the laser treatment are:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

This is why we suggest that you get your permanent tattoo removal from a highly trained dermatologist.


Swelling and redness are temporary issues even in cases where the do occur and can be managed easily. They often resolve over the course of 1-2 days.

Benefits over other methods

Sand abrasion or surgical excision were older options that were available for tattoo removal and are hardly performed anymore since the advent of this new technology. The benefits of the laser treatment over other options are:

  • It is not invasive
  • Much lesser chances of complications
  • Relatively pain free

Before and after pictures

We show here some examples of results of tattoo removal, mentioning the number of sessions used.

What to expect from laser tattoo removal

Concern Answer
Improvement expected 70-100% (multiple sessions required)
Procedure time 30-45 minutes
Down time NIL
Results show after Immediately, and keep improving after each session
Results last for Permanent
After care Avoid sun exposure. This includes wearing sun screen. Strictly follow the prescribed daily skin care routine.

Preparing for the laser treatment

To prepare for your tattoo removal treatment in Mumbai, it is advisable to take the following steps:

  • Stop using any over the counter products that you apply on your skin.
  • Clean the area so that it is clearly visible before your consultation.
  • Not smoking will help avoid the risks of the procedure.

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    What is the cost of laser tattoo removal in Mumbai?

    The cost depends on the size of the areas covered. Prices start at ₹3000 per session. You may need multiple sessions and package prices are also available. They bring down the per session cost.

    Is the laser treatment for tattoo removal painful?

    You may feel mild sensations when the laser light pulses are used. Topical anesthesia however ensures that the process in not painful per se.

    Is the laser tattoo removal treatment permanent?

    Yes. Once the tattoo pigments are removed, they will not come back till you get another tattoo.

    Is the treatment a surgery?

    No, This treatment is not a surgery. It is a same-day procedure. You can take a treatment session and go back home and follow after-care recommendations

    Do you provide laser tattoo removal treatment near me?

    In case you are in the city of Mumbai, the answer is yes. We are located in Colaba, Kurla, Andheri , Ghatkopar and Chembur. You can therefore choose the clinic closest to you.

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