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What is eczema?

Eczema (dermatitis) is a rash which can appear anywhere on the body depending upon the cause.

It appears as inflamed, itchy, red and dry skin.


The most common type is atopic dermatitis which is usually a life long condition present since childhood. It is more commonly found in individuals who have a family history of atopy. It is seen most commonly in the flexures and can be triggered by multiple internal or external factors.




The most common causes of atopic eczema(dermatitis) is dry skin. People who suffer from this condition lack the ability to pull moisture into the upper layers of the skin and therefore various triggers can irritate the skin exacerbating the condition.


These triggers include:

  • environmental factors like dust, pollen, perfumes etc.
  • food allergies like nuts, vegetables, seafood
  • sweating, which is why it is seen in flexures
  • stress

Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms include:

  • dry, red, itch skin
  • it could be oozing
  • rarely it can be associated with excessive sebum production.

Is there a treatment available for eczema?

The condition occurs because of a gene variation and therefore there isn’t any cure available.


However the condition can be managed symptomatically with topical and oral medication as well as lifestyle modification.

How to avoid dermatitis

There are only two methods to avoid the occurrence:

  • avoid the triggers
  • constant moisturization

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