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TREATMENTS OF open pores IN Cuffe parade

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Treatments that cure open pores:

Fractional Co2 Laser Resurfacing Carbon Laser Facial

open pores & its Causes

Open pores is a bit of a misnomer. This is because the skin contains thousands of pores naturally and all these pores are 'open'. The concern arises when these pores become large and visible. People look at treating and improving the condition, usually when these visible open pores are on the face. All pores contain hair follicles and sabaceous glands. 

The various causes of open pores could include:

No matter what the cause, the reason that pores appear more visible, is excess sebum collection, most often appearing as blackheads and whiteheads.

Most Effective Treatment for open pores

There can be multiple treatment options for open pores. Our experts at SkinGenious, Cuffe parade can help you in choosing the best option

  1. Fractional Co2 Laser Resurfacing : The fractional Co2 laser helps in resurfacing the skin, which also entails the tightening of open pores.
  2. Carbon Laser Facial : The carbon laser facial is a treatment that also utilizes the Q-switch laser, which also acts on tightening open pores.
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How Effective Are The Treatments for open pores?

Our In-Clinic Treatments for open pores can provide significant improvements. You can consult our experts in Cuffe parade, Mumbai to know more.

Fractional Co2 Laser Resurfacing
Carbon Laser Facial

Cost Of open pores Treatments inCuffe parade

Indicative price table for the treatments of open pores in Mumbai are as listed below. Please connect for the exact cost of treatment near you.

Indicative average cost for treatments
Target Area Price
Fractional Co2 Laser Resurfacing 11000
Carbon Laser Facial 5000

open pores Treatments @SkinGenious, Cuffe parade

With SkinGenious, you can put your concerns about to rest. We assure you of the best quality treatment Near Cuffe parade, Mumbai at the right price.

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The top specialists for open pores treatment

At SkinGenious, your providers are all verified for the treatment being offered and have experience at the highest levels. They are also assessed for result delivery.


Highest quality products

Our partner specialists only use the top quality products and brands and do not compromise on quality of care.

transparent pricing

Transparent pricing

We guarantee transparency in prices which ensures that you only pay what you are supposed to. Not a penny more.

Top open pores Experts Near Cuffe parade

Hand picked, verified and trusted open pores Experts at SkinGenious, Cuffe parade. You have right to consult only the best

Dr. Aakriti Mehra is the best Dermatologist in the Mumbai all over India
Dermatologist   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dr. Aakriti Mehra, our selection as your south Mumbai skin specialist, is a gold medalist from the renowned Lady Hardinge Medical College and Hospital. She completed both, her graduation and post-graduation from this esteemed i...

Focus Areas:

Anti Aging Cosmetology Dermacare Dermafacials Trichology

Dr. Pooja Chopra is the best Dermatologist in the Mumbai all over India

Our selection as your Andheri skin specialist, Dr. Pooja is also a practicing Cosmetologist & Trichologist. She has an experience of 13 years and innumerable happy patients. Dr. Pooja Chopra completed her graduation from Mah...

Focus Areas:

Dr. Saumya Shetty is the best Dermatologist in the Mumbai all over India
Dermatologist   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dr. Saumya Shetty, our selection as your Chembur skin specialist, is also a practicing cosmetologist and trichologist. She has an experience of 10 years in the specialization. She completed her graduation from BVP University, P...

Focus Areas:

Trichology Dermafacials Laser

Dr. Yuti Nakhwa is the best Dermatologist in the Mumbai all over India
Dermatologist   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dr. Yuti Nakhwa has been practicing as a leading dermatologist in Dadar for the last 8 years. She is registered with the Maharashtra medical council with Registration number MMC/2449(2006) and is also a member of Indian associa...

Focus Areas:

Laser Anti Aging Dermafacials Dermacare

Dr. Bhavini Lodaya is the best Dermatologist in the Mumbai all over India
Dermatologist   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dr. Bhavini Lodaya, our selection as your Ghatkopar skin specialist, has over 15 years of experience in treating her patients and has marvelous feedback. She completed her M.B.B.S from Terna medical college & D.D.V.L in dermato...

Focus Areas:

Anti Aging Trichology Laser Dermacare

Dr. Mahima Jain is the best Dermatologist in the Mumbai all over India
Dermatologist   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dr. Mahima Jain is a highly respected and recommended dermatologist based out of Malad west, Mumbai.

Focus Areas:

Dermafacials Laser Dermacare

Dr. Priti Shenai is the best Dermatologist in the Mumbai all over India
Dermatologist   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dr. Priti has been practicing as a leading dermatologist & cosmetologist in Juhu/Vile Parle for the last 10 years. She is registered with the Maharashtra medical council with Registration number MMC/3300(2000) and is also a mem...

Focus Areas:

Anti Aging Cosmetology Laser


advanced skin & hair clinics with top open pores experts & latest technologies in Mumbai. at skingenious, Cuffe parade our aim is to deliver the best possible treatment for you

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RF machine Diode laser machine Fractional Co2 laser machine HIFU machine

open pores Procedure @SkinGenious

Know about the treatment procedure with all the major steps involved in open pores treatment at SkinGenious, Cuffe parade

In-person consultation
In-person consultation

All treatments at SkinGenious start with consulting one of the top dermatologists in the city. When you meet the specialist, you will share your concerns and they will collect the relevant history. After this, they will devise the ideal treatment plan for you. In case of acne scars, Fractional Co2 laser treatment may often be chosen as the ideal treatment.

Preparation for treatment
Preparation for treatment

The preparation for treatment starts with a clean-up of the face or any other targeted area, including removal of any creams, make-up or jewelry. This is followed by application of a numbing cream, without which the treatment could be slightly painful. The numbing cream takes 15-30 minutes to act. After this, you wear protective goggles and a gliding gel is applied over the target area to enable smooth movement of the laser probe.

Fractional Co2 laser treatment
Fractional Co2 laser treatment

Your dermatologist (for face) will deliver energy pulses from the laser machine on the targeted areas during the treatment. Post the treatment, your therapist will temove the excess gliding gel. This is followed by the application of a strong sun screen (50+ SPF). Before you leave the clinic, collect the after-care guidelines and skin care prescription from your dermatologist. Follow the after-care instructions very seriously.

Concerns Beyond open pores

Other than open pores treatments, At SkinGenious,Cuffe parade , Mumbai our experts help you resolve wide range of skin and hair issues


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Common Questions you might have about open pores & how our treatments at SkinGenious, Cuffe parade Can help..

What is the best open pores Treatment for me?

Every open pores treatment has its pros & cons. The Right treatment choice depends on the extent of open pores and multiple other factors. Our open pores Experts at SkinGenious can help you choose the best proceedure for open pores or any other related concern

What Results can I expect from open pores Treatment at SkinGenious,Cuffe parade ?

The results for open pores treatments may vary depending on multiple factors.We at SkinGenious, Mumbai have top open pores experts equipped with the best in class technologies to deliver remarkable results.

What is the cost of open pores treatments in Cuffe parade, Mumbai?

We at SkinGenious, Cuffe parade have a very transparent pricing policy . The full price details are shared at the very start of treatment. You can find the indicative pricing for open pores treatments above . The prices slightly vary for different centers , do check our Mumbai page for prices of open pores treatments in your city.

Who is the best specialist for treatment of open pores in Cuffe parade, Mumbai?

The open pores Specialists are generally Dermatologists with speciality or expertise in open pores treatments. We at SkinGenious, Cuffe parade make sure that you are treated by experts with best knowldege and skills in the required category. At SkinGenious, Cuffe parade you can be sure of being treated by the best in their fields.

What are the risks for treatment of open pores?

All The treatments for open pores provided at SkinGenious, Cuffe parade are cleared by FDA/ other top regulators of in India who do a thorough risk / benefits analysis of the treatment. You can read about the risks associated with treatment above and also discuss the same with our expert in detail

How to find open pores treatment center near me in Cuffe parade?

SkinGenious has multiple state of art clinics near Cuffe parade for treatment of open pores, you can check the location of our clinics above or call us to connect with the nearest open pores Treatment center near you.


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