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Acne scars are a very common problem, so please don’t get too worked up if you have them! Up to 95% of the people who face acne have some form of residual scarring. That being said, it is only the more severe cases that need to be treated for cosmetic reasons.


On this page we discuss the various aspects including treatment options for acne scars, of which fractional Co2 laser resurfacing is the gold standard.

Once you read more about the treatment options for scars on this page, you will likely choose a method yourself, under the expert guidance of a top dermatologist at SkinGenious!


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Some results by SkinGenious after laser resurfacing for acne scars.

Indications: Understanding acne scars

Do you pits or raised scars where you once had acne?

Are you looking for the best solution to help you reverse these scars?


Acne scars, or for that matter, any scar is caused by a breakage in connective tissue.


Connective tissue is the tissue in the body that holds our skin together. In our skin, this is mostly collagen & elastin and is present in the middle layer of skin called the dermis. The superficial layer is the epidermis.


Often, the acne pore swells up and the wall around it breaks down. This means that the connective tissue around it breaks. Small scars are common and the body is programmed to heal itself.


Persistent scars occur when the connective tissue does not heal itself properly. The scars may be seen as pits or as raised (hypertrophic) scars. The pits are called Ice-pick scars, rolling scars or boxcar scars based on how they appear. In boxcar scars for example, the edges of the scar are sharp whereas in rolling scars, the edges of the scars are slanting. Hypertrophic scars occur when the body tried to repair the collagen, but produced too much of it, therefore giving a raised appearance.

Acne scars can be seen as:

  • mild, moderate or severe
  • pitted or hypertrophied
  • associated with or without redness and pigmentation

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In case you are suffering from such marks on the skin, are in Mumbai and are looking for a solution to reverse them, this page is for you.

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The treatment options and How they work

As shared, the reason for the appearance of scars is the improper regrowth of connective tissue once it is broken. The basic principle of all the kinds of treatments therefore, are designed around removing the currently malformed tissue and promoting the body to generate newer collagen to replace it in a controlled manner so that the skin does not have the marks.

Laser resurfacing is one of the most effective treatments for persistent scars. We consider it the gold standard treatment because it works for all skin types, is minimally invasive and targets both the epidermis (superficial skin layer) and dermis (deeper skin layer) and is effective in hypertrophied as well as pitted scars. We also discuss the other treatment options.

The options include:


Laser resurfacing:

In the earlier days of laser treatment for acne scars, your dermatologist would have spoken to you about using ablative or non-ablative lasers for the treatment. Ablative lasers act on the deeper layers of the skin which contain connective tissue and hence stimulate them to grow. Non-ablative laser work mostly on the superficial layers of skin.

With the advent of the fractional Co2 laser, things have changed for the better. It works on both the epidermis and dermis. It removes the superficial layers of skin, taking along with it the damaged tissue. It also acts on the deeper layers of the dermis, where through heat and energy it stimulates the body to make new collagen.

The principle on which it works is to deliver a laser beam that is divided into thousands of deep but tiny columns known as micro treatment zones. the micro action of expelling damaged and pigmented epidermal cells as well as collagen remodeling in deeper dermal tissue happens in each of these zones.

What results, is your skin being ‘resurfaced’ with a fresh and new appearance. It doesn’t just help with the scars, but also works on removing pigmentation and helps against superficial wrinkles etc.

However, considering that we Indians in general have a darker skin tone, we must be careful of the risks and the after care required. Please read about them in the relevant sections of this page.


Topical creams:

There are multiple ingredients in skin care creams which help with acne scars. These include alpha hydroxy acids for exfoliation, retinoids, salicylic acid and lactic acid. However, most of these work only on mild, superficial and pitted scars. In case you suffer from such milder scars, then this option will be shared with you, without going for more aggressive treatment.


Chemical peels:

These are concentrated forms of chemical that are applied in a controlled environment at the clinic, targeting the precise areas. Chemical peels can act on the superficial layers or penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin for their action. In cased of acne scars with redness, the most commonly used peels include salicylic acid, glycolic acid, azelaic acid peels. In case of pitted acne scars, we use the cross trichloroacetic acid (Cross TCA) peel.

However, chemical peels may not provide desired results with moderate to severe acne scars. Also, just like laser resurfacing, the use of chemical peels has to be done very carefully on Indian skin considering the higher chances of PIH. please read more in the risks and side effects section.


Dermaroller treatment:

Dermaroller or microneedling is another treatment that is performed in-clinic. In this treatment, scores of tiny needles are rolled over the skin where they are used to break the existing connective tissue structures so as to promote the body to generate new collagen.

So, the basic mechanism of action is similar to laser resurfacing, but is not as controlled or refined. Also, this treatment works well for only pitted scars and may not provide desired results for hypertrophic scars. This method may therefore be recommended in case you have a lower budget for the desired levels of improvement.

You may require multiple sessions with any of these treatment options to achieve desired results. The treatments may also be combined with PRP for the face.


Like all our treatments, your acne scars treatment starts with meeting one of the top skin specialists in the city. The dermatologist will first evaluate the extent of the problem, identify the target areas and your budget for improvement and then suggest a treatment plan which you can go ahead with.

In most cases, a combination of treatment modalities may also be advised.

In case it is decided that topical medications are the way forward, you will receive your prescription which will detail the products and sequence of application for your skin care routine.

For chemical peels, you will be taken to the treatment room and the required chemical peel will be applied for you. You must follow the after care routine prescribed.

In case of the dermaroller treatment, the procedure is performed with the help of a hand-held device with multiple needles that is applied to the target areas. After care is required here too.


For laser resurfacing treatment, we require you to wear protective goggles. This is a must in any procedure where laser machines are used on the face.

The steps in the laser treatment for acne scars are:

  • Enter the treatment room post consultation.
  • Clean-up of the face or any other targeted area, including removal of any creams, make-up or jewellery.
  • Application of a numbing cream, without which the treatment could be painful
  • The numbing cream takes 15-30 minutes to act
  • After this, you wear protective goggles
  • A gliding gel is applied over the target area to enable smooth movement of the laser probe.
  • Your dermatologist (for face) will deliver energy pulses from the laser machine on the targeted areas.
  • Leave the treatment room, after removing the excess gliding gel and application of a strong sun screen (50+ SPF)
  • Collect the after-care guidelines and skin care prescription from your dermatologist.
  • Follow the after-care instructions very seriously.

The treatment generally lasts for 30-45 minutes.

(A short video showing the formation of micro treatment zones)



  • After the procedure, avoid using any products not prescribed by the specialist or without checking with them.
  • Avoid make-up on the day of the treatment.
  • The most important after care requirement for all these procedures is to avoid sun exposure. Apart from simply using sunscreen, you may be suggested additional measures such as wearing a hat or sun glasses.


sun protection

Targeted areas

There is no restriction in using on any body area (apart from the eyes). The treatment for acne scars therefore targets the most common sites where people suffer from acne. These include:

  • Face
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Arms

Cost in Mumbai

The cost of the acne scars treatment depends on the size of the area covered. In the below table we provide transparent prices for the cost of a full-face session at a SkinGenious skin clinic. Larger areas would cost more.

Treatment Price per session
Fractional laser resurfacing ₹ 7000
Chemical peels starting ₹ 3000
Dermaroller treatment ₹ 3500
PRP Face ₹ 7500

Multiple sessions may be required for targeted results. Packages of multiple sessions bring down the costs per session for you.

Risks and side effects

The risks and side effects for laser treatment of acne scars include:

  • Swelling which can last 2-3 days
  • Redness which can last up to 14 days
  • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (seen even with chemical peels)
  • Flare-up of herpes virus infection
  • Flare-up of acne without proper after-care.

PIH being a risk factor indicates that the problem that you came to treat may worsen the tone of your skin in case your treatment is not guided by a well-informed and highly trained dermatologist.


The treatment is not recommended for the following candidates:

  • People with known history of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • People who are prone to or have had a recent outbreak of cold sores
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women


Also, after care is very important and must be followed diligently.

Benefits of laser treatment for acne scars

The benefits of the laser treatment over other options are:

  • It acts on both the dermis and epidermis
  • It works well for both pitted as well as hypertrophied scars
  • It shows quicker results in most cases

What to expect

Like all cosmetic treatments, you have to be practical with your expectations for improvement with acne scars.

You may expect 60-90% improvement in your scar marks. In case the expected improvement is less than this, our skin specialist is most likely to tell you to not go ahead with the treatment.

We summarize the expectations and after care in the table below:

Concern Laser resurfacing Chemical peels Dermaroller
Expected improvement Good Moderate Moderate
Procedure time 30-45 minutes 30-60 minutes 30-45 minutes
Down time some pain up to an hour after procedure.
2-3 days of flaking and scabbing
up to 14 days of pinkness
24-48 hours of redness up to 72 hours of scabbing and flaking
Results show after starting 2 weeks after procedure 24 hours starting 2 weeks after procedure
Results last for permanent semi-permanent permanent
After care Avoid sun exposure. This includes wearing sun screen as well as a hat or sun glasses. Strictly follow the prescribed daily skin care routine.
Apply cold water or ice pack in case you feel a mild burn.
Avoid sun exposure (use sunscreen) for 2-3 days Avoid sun exposure (use sunscreen) for 2-3 days

Preparing for laser treatment of scars

To prepare for your laser resurfacing treatment for acne scars, it is advisable to take the following steps:

  • Stop smoking 2 weeks prior to the treatment.
  • Do not use retinoids for the prescribed period of time before before the treatment (your dermatologist will let you know).
  • Share your medical history with the skin specialist, especially on cold sores and PIH
  • Remove your make up before the consultation so as to define your problem areas and expectations correctly.

Your providers at SkinGenious Mumbai

At SkinGenious, your treatment for acne scars is provided by one of the highest rated dermatologists in the city. We use the derm-star system to ensure that we only bring you the best specialists.

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    What is the cost of laser treatment for acne scars in Mumbai?

    The cost depends on the size of the areas covered. A single session of laser resurfacing for the face is priced at ₹7000. You may need multiple sessions and package prices are also available.

    Is the treatment with fractional CO2 laser painful?

    Yes, the treatment can be painful. A numbing cream is applied on the treatment area to dull the sensations. You can feel heat and a mild burning sensation without anesthesia.

    Is the laser resurfacing treatment permanent?

    Yes, once the scars are reversed, the same scars do not come back. However, you could face the same problem again in case you do not take proper care.

    Is the acne scars treatment a surgery?

    No, This treatment is not a surgery

    Apart from lasers, what are the other treatment options for acne scars?

    The other treatment options offered by SkinGenious include chemical peels and dermaroller treatment. PRP for face may be used as an adjuvant and dermal fillers may be used to fill in deep pitted scars.

    Is dermaroller treatment for acne scars effective?

    Yes, the dermaroller treatment can also be effective in some cases. It works better for superficial scars. Your dermatologist will be able to guide you if you are ideal candidate or would require some other form of treatment.

    Do you provide laser treatment for acne scars near me?

    Yes, provided you are located in the city of Mumbai. We are present in Andheri, Kurla, Chembur, Ghatkopar and Colaba, with laser acne treatment available at all clinics.

    Do you provide chemical peels for treatment of acne scars?

    Yes, we provide the required chemical peels. Details can be found on our website.

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