5 Clues to selecting the right dermatologist near you in Mumbai

5 Clues to selecting the right dermatologist near you in Mumbai

It has become imperative for every self-caring individual, man or woman, to have their own go-to dermatologist. A dermatologist is a specialist doctor who is responsible for the health of your skin, hair and nails. ‘Doctors of glamour’ is therefore an apt epithet, for these specialists who are responsible for your beauty and healthy outward appearance.

There are quite a few dermatologists in the big metropolitan cities like mumbai these days; Therefore, the question arises about making sure that you are choosing the best for yourself and you should be assured that you are meeting one of the top dermatologists near me ?

We will also touch upon some other factors like distance. When is it important to visit a dermatologist who is close by and when can you keep travel in mind?

Clue number 1: An online search never hurts.

When you live in a metro like Mumbai, there are ample avenues to read up about the best dermatologists in your vicinity online. The open-source reviews are the most trusted, since certain portals can charge doctors to delete negative reviews and feedback, whereas open-source platforms do not do this.

The most trusted platform across is Google where you can read reviews about a business place in the Google maps sections of results. Apart from this, there are other open-source reviews like mouthshut as well.

You can filter reviews based on the specific treatment or traits that you are looking for. This is a recently introduced feature.

You could also do a little extra reading about the educational qualifications of your dermatologist. They need to have an MD or DDVL degree to truly qualify as dermatologists. Being an attractive field, may general practitioners also practice in the field of skin and hair without the specialist degree/diploma. It is best to be aware of this, although even GPs could be quite good at their practice.

You may also prefer dermatologists who have passed out from top government institutions, given the fact they are mostly likely to be exposed to the widest number and type of patients during their education years.

You can get a fair idea of the feedback that users have provided for the services. It is also quite easy to differentiate fake and real reviews based on the language used etc. Although all the reviews may not be trustworthy, it is definitely the right place to start.


Clue Number 2: Technology is key.

Apart from your dermatologist being great, it is also imperative for them to have the requisite technology to provide you with desired results. Without the right technology, even with the best of intentions, your dermatologist may not be able to provide the results that you are looking for.

To explain this with an example, let us take the case of acne scars. This is one of the very common concerns for which people search for a dermatologist.

There are multiple lines of treatments that are available for acne scars, including chemical peels, dermaroller treatment, MNRF and fractional CO2 laser treatment. The ideal line of treatment is a function of the type and depth of scars, as well as the budget of the patient for improvement.

For superficial scars, chemical peels or dermarollers may be the treatment of choice. However, for deeper scars with a higher age, they may not be sufficient.

The problem arises when your dermatologist may not have an MNRF or fractional laser machine. In such a scenario, they will only recommend the best treatment option available with them, which may, for example be a chemical peel, even in case the patient had the budget and improvement expectation that the laser would provide.

This is where technology becomes very important. Your dermatologist must not only be one of the best specialists in the city, they should also have the required technology to provide ideal results.


Clue Number 3: Distance may be more important than you think

Why we say this is simple, its’ got to do with something called compliance, which is how well you follow your doctors’ instructions!

Many dermatology and hair treatments require multiple sessions. Some examples of such treatments include peels for active acne, laser hair removal, RF skin tightening, PRP for hair etc. When you are undergoing such treatments (which are usually booked as packages of varying number of sessions), you need to keep in mind that the clinic should be convenient for you to visit, distance being one of the most important factors for this.

In case the clinic is too far, you would be more likely to miss treatment sessions on the required day and be more erratic in your treatment schedule. This, in turn, effects the results that you achieve after the planned course of treatment.

In case compliance is poor, neither does the patient get full value for their money and neither is the clinic happy, since they are unable to deliver the best results that they can.


Clue number 4: Staff is very important

Another feature that most people are unaware of, before visiting a skin and hair clinic, is that the quality of therapists plays a major role in your results.

Most treatments that do not involve sensitive areas, like laser hair removal for arms and legs, are performed by therapists. Therapists have training in cosmetology and in dealing with various different laser machines.

It is therefore very important while choosing a top dermatologist, to make sure that the staff is very well trained, only then will you be assured of the quality that you are looking for.

Clue number 5: Ethics and ambience, both are important.

Being part of the healthcare industry, one thing that you should be aware of, is that the gap in knowledge between you and your dermatologist is very high. They are specialist doctors with 8 years of medical training.

One thing that a large gap in knowledge leads to, is your inability to judge the recommendations made by the dermatologist. There is no way that you would know whether the information and costs shared with you are absolutely accurate. This is a difficult fact to accept, but it is the truth.

This, however, does not mean that the doctor will always overcharge you, and that is the beauty of an ethical industry. Corporate chains may have certain business compulsions for which they may feel a need to overcharge a patient. However, when it comes to a good dermatologist who operates their own clinic, prices are completely their own prerogative and most doctors are quite honest and helpful!

Another thing that you need to be aware of is that a good clinic ambience does make your treatment process feel better. Would you rather be climbing 3 flights of damp and dark staircases or enter a neat, clean and modern clinic.

The best of both worlds is quite possible, whereby you receive the best level of care, the perfect ambience as well as a guarantee of ethical and transparent pricing!


At SkinGenious, we have made it an endeavor to find and partner with the top dermatologists of in mumbai who do meet all these criteria! We have done all the hard background work for you and we also work with the dermatologists to help them improve their management systems and processes, always working to ensure that your treatment experience is the best that can be provided!

So, in case you are looking for skin and hair treatment, you have reached the right place at a clinic partnered with SkinGenious!

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