Dermafacial Vs. Salon facial: 4 differences to know in 2022

Dermafacial Vs. Salon facial: 4 differences to know in 2022

It’s 2022 and science has taken mankind leaps and bounds forward in the last two centuries. Technology is an outcome of science and it is the practical application of science, in the form of technologies, that makes our quality of life better. When it comes to personal grooming, things are no different!

There are now specific machines that can help you get targeted results from your facials. These are overseen by scientific experts and at prices that are not too different from the traditional facials. So here goes, 5 things that you should know about why you should switch to dermafacials and let salons only handle your haircuts, manicures and pedicures:

1)     1) Supervision by highly trained dermatologists: Dermatologists are post-graduate doctors who specialize in the health of your skin, hair and nails. It is these skin specialists who operate skin clinics.

When you are partaking of a dermafacial, the treatment steps, the ingredients and the technology used are chosen by the dermatologist after having a look at your skin, understanding your concerns and then customizing the solution for you.



2)      2) Customized solutions for your concernsDermafacials are different from a salon facial because it is a ‘concern first’ approach. Traditionally, in a salon, you would be offered certain facials based on certain products that are available there. You would get a standard list for the same and the facial would be more of a feel-good, rather than having a target-based approach

With a dermafacial, the first step is that you will meet a dermatologist who will understand your concerns and only after this would a facial be chosen. Not only the kind of facial, even the ingredients used within the dermafacial are further customized. For example, in case you suffer from age spots, you may be asked to go with the IPL photofacialFor dry skin, the hydafacial may be recommended and for oily skin, the carbon laser facial. Within the chosen facial, the last serum that is applied would be customized for any secondary concern that you may have.



3)      3)The use of technology: Most dermafacials are accompanied by the use of a medical device or technology. These technologies need to be supervised by doctors, because incorrect usage could also have unwanted side effects.

There are various different technologies that are used. They usually form the main beneficial step of the dermafacial.

For example, the Q-switch laser machine used in the carbon facial helps against tanning and pigmentation, the hydrafacial machine helps the infusion of selected nutrients and so on. These technologies enable you to receive targeted results as discussed earlier.



4)    4)  The price is not so different: Dermafacials range between Rs. 3000 – Rs. 5000. This is often times lesser than many facials at high-end salons. This inspite of the fact that all ingredients used are high quality, FDA approved and customized for your skin. Above all, the treatments happen at a proper skin clinic, performed by a trained therapist and under the supervision of a specialist doctor!


Given all the information that has been shared with you today, it should be an easy choice to understand what is better for your skin. A scientific approach, with targeted results and an affordable price is now in your grasp! Just visit SkinGenious Mumbai to find the right solution that is relaxing, luxurious and result oriented!


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