Bridal package in Mumbai, with a top skin specialist

We are your dermatology experts. How you look on your big day is all about your skin & hair being perfect. A bridal package with SkinGenious gives you the opportunity to depend on the top dermatologists of Mumbai to make sure that they are!

woman displaying she has taken bridal package at SkinGenious

Pre wedding with a skin specialist: Why?

Do you want to look perfect at your wedding?

Should your skin be glowing even after removing your make-up?

Do you want your hair to be naturally thick?

An even skin tone across your body?

Long-term reduction of unwanted body hair?


A dermatologist is a skin & hair expert and can help you with all of these and more. When you choose a bridal package with SkinGenious in Mumbai, you will outsource your beauty worries to one of the top skin specialists of the city. We offer a variety of cosmetology treatments to take care of your skin and hair.

We do not like to just work on your face; we prefer a full body approach to ensure that you don’t just look beautiful but also feel beautiful. We’ve packaged some of the pre wedding options and there are other treatments available for you to pick by preference. We help you with treatments that target the face, body and even around the eyes.

Targeted areas and treatments

Before sharing our packages, we would like you to understand the improvements that your dermatologist will help you target. We’ve mentioned if the related treatments are part of our bridal packages or need to be selected separately.

What these treatments do for you:


Derma-Facials: These are facials where every step and ingredient is customized by your dermatologist to deliver targeted results, specific for your skin-type. These facials use USFDA approved machines as well.


Home-care routines: Our specialists will give you a proper multi-step routine to follow at home every day to ensure that your skin & hair concerns are taken care of and gradually improve further till your wedding and you also avoid any last minute skin-breakouts! Package prices don’t include any prescribed products.


Body polishing: A de-tanning treatment with a USFDA approved machine where we exfoliate the skin of the entire body to ensure that you have an even tone.


Vita-boost drip: Administered intravenously, this drip of essential nutrients for your skin will make sure that your skin (not just your face) is glowing on your big day.

Woman holding her own photograph showing before after of lip filler cosmetology treatment

Lip fillers: These are hyaluronic acid injectables that add volume and definition. These are optional for you if you want to look like a celebrity!


Laser hair removal: Long-term hair reduction with USFDA approved machines is again optional.


PRP: This treatment helps in case you are suffering from hair loss and thinning. It is optional.


Skin whitening treatment: IV administration of Glutathione that helps lighten the skin tone for the whole body. Optional

Pre bridal packages in Mumbai

For 1 week to your wedding

bridal bronze package

₹8,000 - Bridal Essentials

icon yes grey

1 signature medi-facial

icon yes grey

1 session Body Polishing

icon yes grey

Home care routine prescription

45 days to your wedding

bridal gold package

₹21,000 - Bridal Advanced

icon yes grey

3 signature medi-facials to help you put your best face forward for your wedding

icon yes grey

1 session of body polishing for self confidence

icon yes grey

1 session of Vita-boost drip for glowing skin

icon yes grey

home care routine prescription

2 months+ to your wedding

bridal platinum package

₹32,000 - Bridal Elite

icon yes grey

5 signature medi-facials to help you put your best face forward for your wedding

icon yes grey

2 session of body polishing for self confidence

icon yes grey

2 session of Vita-boost drip for glowing skin

icon yes grey

home care routine prescription

grooms package

₹12,000 - Grooms Package

3 signature medi-facials to help you put your best face forward for the wedding
pre bridal package

₹15,000 - Family Package

4 family members get 1 signature medi-facial each to look like celebrities at the wedding

Prices for other bridal treatments

We offer completely transparent pricing and can answer all detailed enquiries on price over a phone call or WhatApp chat as well. Click the orange call button on your screen to learn more through a call or chat.

Lip fillers



For celebrity lips

Laser hair removal



Remove unwanted hair

Skin whitening treatment



A personal choice

Plan your visit For a bridal package in Mumbai

Book your appointment to consult a top dermatologist for bridal care nearby in Mumbai. Instant Confirmation



    Your bridal skin specialists at SkinGenious

    A snapshot of the top dermatologists around you in Mumbai, who will guide you on the journey to perfect skin & hair for your wedding.

    5.0 rating

    Our locations for pre-bridal treatments

    Neat, modern, prime locations and the best dermatology expert in the area as your personal guide to bridal bliss.

    Why select SkinGenious for bridal skin care?

    Thanks to our extensive Derm-star rating system, and the management processes we introduce at the clinics, there are some things that we completely assure you of to let you know that you have chosen the right partner to make sure that you can be the best version of yourself with our pre-bridal package at your wedding:

    • Your skin specialist has more than 10 years of experience with amazing results delivered
    • Your doctor runs a highly ethical practice
    • Your specialist is highly trained in aesthetics and cosmetology treatments
    • Your dermatologist has graduated from a premium institution
    • Your skin doctor is thoroughly vetted by peers, other doctors and clients
    • The clinic is equipped with all the latest technology and gold standard skin treatments
    • The clinic provides a rewards and referral program
    • You have access to the Skin Gym customized skin care program
    • All of us, including your dermatologist and staff provide utmost privacy.
    • The skin clinic follows Gold standards in hygiene and sanitization




    1. How long before my wedding should I start my bridal package?

      You should ideally have more than two months to see the maximum results possible. However, in case you don't have that much time, our packages account for an express 1 week improvement as well.
    2. Do your pre wedding packages include hair care?

      Hair care involves a routine at home in our packages. There are treatments separately available for targeted results if required.
    3. Are lip fillers part of the bridal package?

      No, they have to be opted for separately
    4. What bridal treatments can I voluntarily add?

      You can choose from a wide range of treatments which offer targeted improvement. Our bridal recommendations include:
      Lip fillers
      Laser hair removal
    5. Are home care products included in the pre-wedding package?

      No, they need to be purchased separately. We offer bridal discounts for products that are available at the clinic.
    6. At what locations do you provide a skin care bridal package near me?

      We have partner clinics across the city of Mumbai and our bridal skin care packages are currently available at Kurla, Andheri, Colaba and Chembur

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