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Meet your dermatologist Dr. Pooja Chopra. She is the top hair and skin expert in Andheri west with an MD degree in dermatology.

  • 24/7 online appointment booking
  • State of the art clinic with latest hair and skin treatments
  • Derm-star rating of 5/5 for doctor and staff
  • Covid-19 ready and sanitized facilities
  • Transparent pricing
  • Expert in dermatology, trichology, cosmetology and anti-aging.

Trusted by Andheri west residents

5.0 rating

Jillian Philip

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My favorite Doc !!! So friendly and will suggest you exactly what you need to get done.. 🙂 I love her work with Fillers.. she is best!!! Amazing Ambiance..

Jillian Philip

Dhariya Purohit

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One of my friend referred me and I have been going to her clinic from last 4 months mainly for my facial scar treatment. She combined 3 different techniques and personalized it so I get maximum benefit. She is very friendly and will give you the best treatment in competitive price. I would definitely recommend her.

Dhariya Purohit

Vandana Tiwari

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Dr. gives you sustainable long term skin and hair care plans, which I have been following sincerely. The receptionist and staff are very nice gives a warm welcome and super friendly. Really happy with the services! Just loved it! Recommend this place.

Vandana Tiwari

Nandish Singh

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Very happy with the services and treatments. The best thing is their conservative approach and not over selling anything. Their habit of thoroughly explaining everything before hand is what I like about them the most.

Nandish Singh

Purnima Heble

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Had a very good experience here. Dr. was very understanding of my needs & addressed my concerns patiently. Saw positive results to my skin problems. Very well equipped space & the hospitality at the clinic is commendable too.

Purnima Heble

Your skin specialist

Are you looking for the top dermatologist in Andheri west, Mumbai? It took a lot of hard work to let you know that Dr. Pooja Chopra is the best in your location. We use the extensive Derm-star rating system and there are 60 parameters that go into building the Derm-star chart for your skin doctor. The top dermatologist in the area gets a 5/5 rating for that region and we partner with them. Dr. Pooja is the chosen hair and skin specialist in Andheri west

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Dr. Pooja Chopra, a woman dermatologist, sitting on her chair At SkinGenious Andheri west in Mumbai

Dr. Pooja Chopra


Our selection as your Andheri skin specialist, Dr. Pooja is also a practicing Cosmetologist & Trichologist. She has an experience of 13 years and innumerable happy patients.

Dr. Pooja Chopra completed her graduation from Mahatma Gandhi Mission's Medical College, Navi Mumbai in 2001 and MD - Dermatology from Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College and Hospital. She is also a trainer for the younger generation of dermatologists in the field of aesthetic dermatology.

With multiple publications of skin and hair related articles, she is a well known specialist in the field with great results delivered for her clients over the years.


Dr. Pooja Chopra a woman dermatologist in Andheri west

Clinic: SkinGenious Andheri 

Experience: 13 years

Post-Graduation Degree: M.D (Dermatology)

Institute: D.Y Patil University

Derm-Star Rating: 5/5 for Andheri

Consultation: ₹1500

Areas Covered: 0 km from Andheri West, 4 kms from Andheri East, 3 kms from Juhu, 0 km from Lokhandwala, 5 kms from Malad



Derm-star Chart for Dr. Pooja





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    Treatments offered by Dr. Pooja at Andheri

    With the latest technology and machines to help you with any issues of your skin, hair, nails and cosmetology. However, her expertise in the field is what matters most. See details about the treatments by clicking on them.

    woman's face with multiple pigment spots looking for hyperpigmentation laser treatment

    Laser Treatments

    Procedures that require the use of a laser machine. There are different kinds of lasers like the Q-switch, fractional Co2, diode and IPL


    • Hyperpigmentation: is a condition where there are patches of darker skin (compared to the surroundings) on any part of your body.
    • Acne scarspitted or hypertrophied scars left behind where there were acne pustules or cysts earlier. The treatment works for all kind of scars.
    • Tattoo removal: solutions to helps you get rid of amateur or professional tattoos. Works best on dark colored tattoos.


    woman taking a skin treatment at SkinGenious

    Skin treatments

    We offer all kinds of solutions to improve the appearance of your skin


    • Dark circles: treatment for peri-orbital pigmentation that could occur due to multiple reasons.
    • Chemical peels: Used for targeting multiple concerns like skin lightening, de-tanning, cosmetic reasons as well as medical indications like acne.
    • Dermafacials: Relaxing scientific facials, also often called medi-facials to deliver targeted skin benefits.
    • Under eye bags: Solution to deal with puffiness under the eyes.
    Woman holding her own photograph showing before after of cheek fillers and lip fillers cosmetology treatment by a top cosmetologist in Mumbai


    Cosmetology at SkinGenious involves treatments and non-surgical procedures to help you improve your outward appearance


    • Dermal fillers: Hyaluronic acid injectables to contour and add volume at targeted areas of the face. Alternative to plastic surgery.
    • Laser hair removal: Permanent reduction in growth of unwanted body hair.
    • Permanent beard  shaping: To permanently remove stray hairs from the beard line for proper shaping.
    • Skin whitening treatment: A full body treatment for lightening the skin tone with the help of glutathione.
    a senior woman happy because she has taken anti aging skin tightening treatment in Mumbai

    Anti aging treatments

    These are treatments that help you lose years from your face without surgery


    before after image showing results of platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP treatment) for hair regrowth


    Procedures to help you control hair fall and also help you with hair regrowth (non-surgical)


    • PRP therapy (Platelet rich plasma therapy): A revolutionary trichology treatment that helps hair re-growth using growth factors from you own blood.
    • Mesotherapy: Infusing specific nutrients into targeted areas of the scalp to help stop hair loss and promote hair growth.
    woman showing that best dermafacial for dry skin is the hydrafacial at a skingenious skin clinic in Mumbai

    Skin Pathologies

    Treatment of acute skin diseases, chronic skin diseases and skin infections


    Chronic diseases:

    Acute Conditions

    • Dermatitis, Warts, Corns, pruritus, cysts, cold sores, pustules, vitiligo


    • Ringworm, carbuncles, cellulitis, molluscum

    (Only most common conditions listed, there are many more)

    The Andheri Clinic

    Neat, modern, prime location and the best dermatology expert in Andheri as the medical director

    waiting area of hair and skin clinic in Andheri, Mumbai, SkinGenious Andheri

    SkinGenious Andheri

    Samarth Aishwarya apartment, 9th Floor, B911, Lokhandwala Rd, inside SkinTalk Clinic, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

    Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11:00am–7:00pm

    Please take an appointment for your visit. Given the pandemic, we discourage crowding in the waiting area. You can use the form on this page or click the orange button on your screen to call or WhatsApp.

    Why select Dr. Pooja Chopra?

    Thanks to our extensive Derm-star rating system, and the management processes we introduce at the clinics, there are some things that we completely assure you of:

    • Dr. Pooja has more than 10 years of experience with amazing results delivered
    • Your doctor runs a highly ethical practice
    • Your specialist is highly trained in aesthetics and cosmetology treatments
    • Your dermatologist has graduated from a premium institution
    • Your skin doctor is thoroughly vetted by peers, other doctors and clients
    • The skin clinic is equipped with all the latest technology and gold standard skin treatments
    • The clinic provides a rewards and referral program
    • You have access to the Skin Gym customized skin care program
    • All of us, including your dermatologist and staff provide utmost privacy.
    • The skin clinic follows Gold standards in hygiene and sanitization

    Examples of results delivered

    Some before and after pictures of results delivered at SkinGenious, including for our Andheri clientele.


    Do you have a skin rash or itch?

    Do you want to look more attractive without surgery?

    Do you want help with Anti-aging to look younger?

    Do you have an issue with your nails?

    Do you have excessive hair loss and want a solution?


    If you answered in the affirmative for any of these questions and are from this part of the city, you must visit a skin specialist in Andheri west. Dermatology is the field which deals with the health & betterment of skin, hair and nails. Apart from just pathologies, specialists in the field also help with aesthetics and offer the latest treatments to help you with skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, augmentation of facial features without surgery, skin tone and pigmentation improvement, laser hair removal, skin maintenance and various other treatments which require them to have certain technologies such as laser machines at their disposal.


    Which educational institution is my dermatologist in Andheri west from?

    Dr. Pooja Chopra completed her M.B.B.S from MGM Medical college in Navi Mumbai and her M.D dermatology from Dr. D.Y Patil medical college and hospital. Her elite education is part of the reason that SkinGenious chose her as the best dermatologist in Andheri west, Mumbai

    What is the consultation fee with Dr. Pooja Chopra?

    The consultation fee is ₹ 1500

    What laser machines are available with Dr. Pooja in the Andheri skin clinic?

    Dr. Pooja Chopra has the following machines available at SkinGenious Andheri:
    - Q-switch laser
    - Diode laser for laser hair removal
    - RF machine
    - Coolsculpting machine
    - Hydrafacial machine
    - Exilis machine
    - Microdermabrasion machine

    What treatments are available with my dermatologist in Andheri west?

    All dermatology, cosmetic and aesthetic treatments are available. A short, not exhaustive list of aesthetic/cosmetology treatments includes: Laser hair removal, Carbon facial, Photofacial, Hydra facial, dermal fillers, Skin tightening, Antiaging, PRP treatment for hair regrowth, Acne and acne scars treatment, Dark circles treatment, Skin whitening treatment, Hyperpigmentation and melasma treatment.

    Why is Dr. Pooja the best dermatologist in Andheri west?

    SkinGenious follows its Derm-star rating system to choose the best dermatologist in a particular area and bring them to you at a SkinGenious skin clinic. The factors that led to us choosing her include: Her elite education background, Clinic infrastructure, Availability of machines at the clinic, Communication skills, Result orientation, Ethics, Peer and client reviews, Quality of staff

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