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The Skin Gym: A personalized skincare routine with the best dermatologists of Mumbai as your personal coach

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Custom skincare for the modern Indian woman

Looking for a personalized skincare routine that is economical & result oriented? The Skin Gym is a one of a kind membership program with the top dermatologists of Mumbai as your personal coach. With busy work schedules, managing the home front and taking care of multiple responsibilities throughout the day, take this opportunity to outsource your skincare to a true expert. The Skin Gym provides you a personalized skincare routine along with customized skincare services, guided by your dermatologist coach.

personalized skincare routine annual membership price indian rupees 2500
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The best dermatologists of Mumbai are part of SkinGenious skin clinics. They are highly regarded as aestheticians and cosmetologists as well.   With the Skin Gym, embark on an annual membership with a personalized skincare routine, where the best dermatologists of the city provide you a custom skincare routine for home. Not just products, get discounted skin-customized dermafacials at the clinic as well.   There are quite a few advantages of having a dermatologist as your personal coach in Skincare

  • Your skin is being evaluated by a highly trained specialist and you do not need to depend on a self-evaluation
  • You can get medicated products as well in case you require them and need not rely on just over the counter products on your journey to perfect skin
  • Get consultations with your skin specialist at regular intervals so that your skincare regimen changes with every season and the changing needs of your skin.

Clinics Available in:

Colaba | Andheri | Kurla | Chembur

Personalized skincare routine

Your personalized skincare routine will involve:

  • A morning routine
  • An evening routine

Both routines will be broken down into further steps. These will not be difficult, but the sequence is very important and your dermatologist coach will provide you a detailed explanation of this. The products chosen for your routines will be customized for your skin and may be available at the clinic or may need to be picked up at a pharmacy. We do not need to manufacture the products for you. Our specialists simply need to choose the best ingredients that are approved for use by medical bodies and are available in the market!

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Customized skincare services

Have you ever tried a facial at a salon? What if the facial was customized for your skin? That’s exactly what our clinics do! We call them dermafacials because the steps, the ingredients used and the USFDA approved machines used, are all customized for your skin concerns! You know that it’s perfect for your skin because it is a skin specialist doctor under whose guidance it is being performed!


From the carbon facial for oily skin, to the hydrafacial for dry skin& laser photofacial for sun spots, each step & ingredient is customized for you by the dermatologist. You can read more about dermafacials by clicking here

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How the Skin Gym membership program works:

  • Visit the clinic to meet your dermatologist for the first time
  • Pay the membership fee of Rs. 2500 to join the skin Gym
  • Collect your first personalized skincare routine
  • Skincare services may be advised on first visit itself or for later.

What does your Skin Gym membership include?

  • 6 consultations with the dermatologist, free of charge for 12 months
  • 25% off on all dermafacials and peels at the clinic for 12 months
  • 10% off on all skincare products that are available at the clinic for 12 months
  • 10% off on laser hair removal, protein injectables & dermal fillers.

With the 6 consultations, your skincare routine at home will change with every season & evolve with every concern. You will stop taking facials at any salon and get them at a skincare clinic, customized for you, and for better value. What do you get out of it? Perfect skin! What is even better? You earn 5% of your spend as reward points, every time you pick up products or use the recommended services! Redeem your points for future use at the clinic and explore the world of scientific beauty!

personalized skincare routine annual membership price indian rupees 2500
personalized skincare routine consultations with dermatologist in skin gym
discount withskin gym on personalized skincare routine products
skin gym member discount on custom skincare services

Your coaches in Mumbai

South Mumbai

Dr. Aakriti Mehra, a woman dermatologist

Andheri West

Dr. Pooja Chopra a woman dermatologist in Andheri west

Kurla or BKC

FAQs on The Skin Gym

What is the Skin Gym personalized skincare routine?

The skin Gym is a custom skincare program with the best Dermatologist doctors of Mumbai. It involves not only a custom skin care routine of products at home, but also custom skin care services at the clinic. Your dermatologist is your personal coach and you receive 6 consultations every year as part of the membership.

What all skin issues could my custom Skin Gym membership help me with?

The Skin Gym is a membership with the best skin specialists as your coach, so you will receive a gold standard solution for most problems that you can think of. Be it anti-aging, aesthetics, acne, scars or just maintenance care customized to your skin-type so that you have perfect skin!

How much does it cost to join the Skin Gym personalized skin care membership?

The membership fee of the Skin Gym is just ₹ 2500 per annum.

What benefits do I get with the Skin Gym membership?

The skin Gym is a personalized skincare membership with the best dermatologist doctors of Mumbai as your personal coach. As part of the membership you receive:
a)6 consultations with your dermatologist to change your custom skincare routine and custom skincare services with every season and as per your evolving concerns.
b)25% off on the list price of all dermafacials at the clinic
c)10% off on all skincare products that are part of your routine and available at the clinic
d)10% off on Laser Hair removal, anti-aging treatments and hyaluronic acid injectables at the clinic.

Are all the products that the dermatologist asks me to use in my custom routine available at the clinic?

No, not necessarily. Skincare products are highly evolving and new power ingredients get introduced to the market regularly. Our skin specialists keep up to date with the latest research and hence may change the products they recommend as per the latest science. Although we do try to keep a stock of all products at the clinic, there are some you may not find, but you will definitely find them at a store near the clinic or your home. The 10% discount is not applicable in case the product is not available at the clinic.

Is the Skin Gym worth it?

Just the 6 consultations with the dermatologist would normally cost you ₹ 6000 and the discounts on products and services are added value! So, at ₹2500 per annum, the membership is definitely worth it!

Is the Skin Gym only for custom face care?

The beauty of the Skin Gym is that it is attached to a SkinGenious clinic and hence the best dermatologist doctors in your city. So, it’s not just for your face. You can avail treatments like body polishing, Laser hair removal, anti-aging and hyaluronic acid injectables for aesthetics at a discount!